World's Stinkiest Fish Challenge – Eating Surstromming with Rebecca Zamolo


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You’ve seen many challenges on YouTube, but have you ever seen anyone dare to eat the world’s stinkiest fish?

Well, Brooklyn and I did just that with Rebecca, her husband Matt Slays and KamriNoel! (They were here visiting our family earlier this month. We had a lot of fun, and filmed a collab for both of our channels!) We challenge Karina Garcia, Collins Key, Merrell Twins, The Bratayley’s and Jacy and Kacy to take the World’s Stinkiest Fish Challenge!

For the challenge we had to survive SMELLING and EATING the stinkiest fish in the world, Surstromming! You guys, it was SO nasty! The rules of the challenge are that you must survive the smell of the fish and eat it (keeping it in your mouth for at least 5 seconds)…ALL WITHOUT THROWING UP!

We discovered the fish through a viral video in which a family opened up the can and immediately started gagging and barfing! The fish is SO stinky. Vikings were only able to fish for a couple of months, so they would fish and then put the fish in a lactic acid concoction to ferment and preserve it. The lactic acid makes the fish extremely stinky, overwhelmingly salty and practically inedible!

The World’s World’s Stinkiest Fish Challenge can be so nasty but so funny! This challenge is the perfect prank for girls, for boys, for teens, for kids, for the family, it is even funny to play on friends, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

Who do you think will be the first person to throw up? Brooklyn, Rebecca, Matt, Kamri or Me??? Comment down below!

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