What’s inside Billy the Bass?

♫ Here’s a little song I wrote
– Okay big buddy. – There he is, no, no, stay there. – We’re rolling. – Die mosquitoes. – Okay, ready?- So many of them!- Okay. – Hello, welcome back to what’s inside. I’m Lincoln, this is Dan
and today we have thisBig Mouth Billy Brass
the singing sensation. – Big mouth Billy Brass,
some people call is Bass,Lincoln calls is Brass. – Brass, oh, bass.
– Yeah. – I know how to read. – It’s actually a really fun gift. You can put it on the
wall, have the sensor goand when people walk by it
just automatically startssinging to ’em. I know it can be kind of annoying but. – Yep. – It’s not that expensive,
we’ll put a linkin the description to Amazon to where youcan find it and for the
current pricing on there,go check it out. This is not a green screen right now. If you just stop and listen to the loud,loud noise here. – This is proves that
it’s not a green screen. – Ah, no. Ah, no no no
– Alright, so we’re out
here in Alaska right now. – Water. – Leslie’s mom is from
here, so we come up usuallyevery summer. – But the problem is
there’s tons of mosquitoes. – There is lot’s of mosquitoes. Officially the state bird of Alaska,if you didn’t know that. – No, actually it’s the
state insect, I think. Ba da psh. – I don’t even know if this is it. – Come on, Big Mouth Billy Brass. That chipmunk has been tormenting us. It’s yelling at us’cause we split up the family. We were walking by and we
split them on accident,and then it just started yelling at us. It like got up on this
log and is yelling at us. – You weren’t here when it happened- Let’s go shoot him. – No. – Yeah.
– So here’s the deal. This is the Big Math, big math. – Okay big buddy. – Sorry, I didn’t. ♫ At first I was afraid, I was petrified. ♫ At first I was a parrot. – You were a parrot?At first I was a parrotWhat is happening with this video?♫ I will survive♫ Hey, hey- It does not just sing that. ♫ Here’s a little song I wrote- Big Mouth BillyTrying saying that fast.
– Isn’t it like. Try saying that fast. – Big Mouth Billy Bass. – Big Mouth Billy Bass. – So why did we get this fish. Because it’s funny.
– He’s awesome. – My grandfather, who was 94 years old,passed away last year. He was the first one
who ever took me fishingwhen I was a kid, he
always had one of theseat his house on the wall. I want to see how this
thing operates on theinside of it and see
if we can make a creepyTeddy Ruxbin-type. – Hi there, it’s me. – I’m gonna nicely cut it. – Okay, so Lincoln. – Wait, how do you open these?- It’s childproof. Lincoln, this is how
you use a utility knife. You grab this thing with your thumb,you push it out. Have you ever flayed a fish before?A real fish?- Um, I’ve done it with clams. – Alright Mr. Fishy, it’s time. – Mosquito on your thumb. – Oh mosquito,
see, they’re for real. I’m gonna getcha. I cut my finger instead. This is not how you gut a fish. – Technology and still. A singing fish. ♫ I was petrified. – So yeah, it still does work,it does have foam on here. I think we need to get
the mouth off of him. Oh yeah, look at this. You can pull it, and it just
comes right off his mouth. – It has a kickstand on the back?- Oh man, this must be the fancy edition. ♫ Here’s a little song I wrote- Oh come on, dude, ah. Look at that. – It hurt a bit, but it was
like, pinch you in a way. – Here we are. – Ooh, more hats. Now we need to try it. ♫ At first I was afraid, I was petrified ♫ I will survive- You see how
wide he opens his mouth?♫ Don’t worry, be happy – Oh, there’s the squirrel. – It’s back, it’s back. On the back there’s also a sensor,you can flip it to sensor mode. ♫ Here’s a little song- And there, oh, there’s a sensoryright there where the fish♫ Here’s a little- Right there where, right
there where the fish. ♫ Here’s a littleThere’s a sensor right,
there’s a sen– stop. There’s a sensor right. Hold on, let me finish
this, there’s a sensor,there’s a sensor, if you
didn’t know there’s a sensor. Do it on this, hit it right
on that right there, okay?See if we can get it open. – It’s invincible. – Oh boy, he broke his neck. – What?- Wait, wait, wait,
is he singing still?Oh boy, okay, stop, stop, stop,
you got it open, you got it. Oh no.
– No I didn’t. Oh my gosh, how, how?- Hey, you fixed his neck though. We got the back. Lincoln kind of opened it up
a bit, it’s still singing. We want to open this up
without a screwdriver. Got to get it again, you didn’t get it. You just came and yelled at usand now he ran off like a coward. He ran off like a coward. – Just die. – Height isn’t gonna help
you, it’s your muscles. You missed. Ah, you did it. I was about to smash it with the shovelbut Lincoln got in. What’s inside of this
thing, here is the back. See the front?Very simple technology, you
just have this motor up here. Oh, just killed a mosquito. – That squirrel. There he is. Here’s your fish, here’s
the back, here’s the frontof the fish, it’s just this
plastic part right here. The speaker is quite large,
pretty large for just a fish. These wires over here
connect to both the on buttonand then also to the sensor
that’s right here that detects. So there’s wires that come
here out of this front motorright here and then. What’s that?Is that a bird or a person? – Hi, what’s up?- Okay, distracted. Squirrel, okay, that’s basically
it, that one little boxwith the different wires. Fifteen years and it’s still singing. This thing’s been out for quite awhile. Do you want to see more
of our Alaskan adventure. We went fishing out on
this lake where we’ve spentall of our time.
– It was awesome. – We’re gonna be doing
vlogs on our family channel. You can check it out, we’ll
put a link in the description. Probably have like four
or five videos on therethis week and I think we’re
gonna do one or two morefrom here in Alaska for our main channel. So lots of Alaskan fun. If you’re from Alaska or if
you have one of these fish,let us know in the comments below. Adios. Is that how they say it in Alaska?- I think it’s like. – What’s the Eskimo saying for goodbye. – Oh, I have a good idea. This is my way of saying bye. Okay, big buddy.