Use Plastic Worms to Catch Bass


Anyone that does any amount of fishing has had to learn how to use plastic worms to catch bass. It doesn’t matter if you are fishing for large or smallmouth bass worms work extremely well. They are most anglers primary bait and every anglers fall back if their favorite is not working. They are simple to use and come in many varieties.

Because there are so many varieties the choices can be confusing and you will have to experiment some in the waters you fish to actually find out works best. However there are some general guidelines on how to choose which color and size to use.

Fluorescent colors retain their color in deep waters whereas other colors turn a shade of grey. Color can be something to consider after you find the bass. If they’re following the lure, tapping it, or just not hitting it and you tried different presentations, try a different color of the same lure. In general, use dark colors in water with little light penetration such as muddy or stained water, and cloudy or windy days. And use light colors in water with more light penetration – i.e. clear water, sunny or calm days, etc. Use natural colors. Big bass learn from being caught not to resort to their curiosity to react to everything unnatural. That’s why natural looking baits produce bigger bass.

There are many opinions about what size to use and again you will have to experiment in your local waters to find out what works best in your waters. As a general rule use 6-7 ½ inch worms for big bass and 4 inch at all other times. Do not take this as a hard and fast rule as I fish the 4 inch worm with a lot of success catching both average and large bass.


Source by Doug Burns

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