TRUEWALLS – Best Outdoor wall painting service

We have come up with more improved outdoor wall painting service by the name of TRUEWALLS with many new features from our long term learning in this domain are as below.
• Real Time Reporting – To make wall painting service more professional & transparent. We have made powerful cloud base software to offer the real time reporting by issuing User ID & Password which makes our wall painting an TRUEWALLS.

• Highways Big Walls – After an Extensive on ground working We have an made the databank of Cold Storage / Big prominent walls on the highways for lease which are highly visible sites from long distances and gives much better visibility then any hoarding at more Economical rents.

• Digital Wall Painting – We have developed the best durable Digital wall painting media so that you can plan your high graphics images, product image and brand ambassador image in wall painting campaign without worries of brand image deterioration.

• Hybrid Wall Painting – To make Digital wall painting more affordable in large campaign we suggest & offers Hybrid wall painting by using small portion of


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