Traditional Bowhunting Elk with Primitive Bow – Part 2

The 2018 archery elk season turned out to be one of the toughest yet. With warm weather and very little rutting activity just hearing bugles and fining bulls proved to be a challenge.

To add to the difficulty Clay Hayes is bow hunting with an osage recurve selfbow and bamboo arrows which reduces his effective range. So, in order to bring home the free range organic meat he’s after, he’ll have to get very close. Although a primitive bow is deadly, the lower speed tends to reduce how far a hunter can shoot them accurately vs modern recurves or longbows.

This elk season Clay bow hunted for a total of 19 days before getting the opportunity to loose a single arrow from his traditional bow. Follow along as he hunts Idaho’s wild backcountry public lands. You’ll also get a lesson in tracking and trailing which goes well beyond blood trailing.

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