Topwater Tips for Bass Fishing 1 Ft. Matt Frazier

Topwater tips for bass Fishing 1 Ft. Matt Frazier

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Episode Index:
Topwater tips 1

1:55 Why I put down the frog for the buzzbait
3:31 Picking a topwater in the morning
5:01 Explosion!
5:17 Early morning tip
7:05 Post spawn tip
9:50 Up close take!
10:39 Picking apart a prime spot
12:05 Mid day wind tip for sunny days
13:05 Bringing deeper fish up
13:59 Double and calm water tip
15:34 Big topwater swim bait catches
17:50 Big topwater swim bait tips!
20:14 Picking high percentage mats
21:08 Why most people miss frog strikes
24:25 Best weedless search bait period

Topwater Frog Fishing Ft: Billy Hines

In this episode we break down a few of our favorite topwater lures. We teach tricks and tips to help you catch more and bigger bass in this topwater only episode. This will be part one of many more to come as topwater bass fishing can be some of the most rewarding action for the recreational angler out there!


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