Topwater Frog Fishing For Big Spring Bass. Day 30 & 31 Of The 30 D.F.C.

Sorry for the delayed upload – we got carried away fishing yesterday….and the bite was on! Please enjoy this extra lengthy vid, I promise there are quite a few fish in this one. HUGE THANK YOU to my buddy Jae for hooking me up with a seat in his boat to get out there and catch a bunch of fish. Always a fun time dude!! Don’t forget to call your Lake Barcroft Guide dudes -1800-fishwithjae

WE ARE DONE with the 30 day fishing challenge. I’m exhausted. beat. broke….and I have way to much stuff to do. I can promise you guys 3-4 videos/ week though so I hope you’ll stick around.

Comment me with questions below – I’m going to be doing a VLOG the next 2 days answering questions that any of you have. I’ve been slacking on replying to comments lately and that’s just due to pure business and around the clock work. As I type this now, I’ve been up for exactly 24 (25.5 now) hours fishing and editing. I do apologize for the lack of response though my friends….but let those questions roll in.

Thank you all, and I hope you’re ready for more coming soon.


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Music by Shisto & Goldwater

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