Topwater Bass Fishing Buyers Guide

Frog Fishing, Poppers, Buzzbaits, Walking Baits, and the Whopper Plopper! We cover all the best baits to help you catch more topwater fish this coming year!
With Christmas just around the corner, the Holiday Buyer’s Guide continues with this installment on Topwater Baits for Bass.

Below is a breakdown of the baits discussed in the video with direct links to see them on Tackle Warehouse. We have even including rod recommendations for the baits.

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Spro Bronze Eye Poppin Frog:
Spro King Daddy Frog:
River2Sea Bully Wa 2:
River2Sea Spittin Wa 70:
SnagProof Bobby’s Perfect Frog:


Rio Rico:
Yellow Magic:
R2S Bubble Walker:

Walking Baits:

Heddon Super Spook:
River2Sea Rover:
Lucky Craft Sammy:
River2Sea Bubble Walker:

Straight Retrieve Baits:

Whopper Plopper 130:
Dirty Jigs Canterbury Pro Buzz:
Head Knocker Buzzbait:
Double Buzzbait:

Tim’s Favorite Large Topwater Setup…
Rod: 784-
Reel: Curado 200I-

Matt’s Favorite Frog Setup…
Rod: Champion 736C-
Reel: Curado 200I-
Line: 65 lb Sufix 832-

Tim’s Favorite Finesse Topwater Setup…
Rod: 6′ 10″ Medium-
Reel: Curado 70-
Line: 20 lb MaxCuattro-

Matt’s Favorite Finesse Topwater Setup…
Rod: 7’2″ Medium –
Reel: Curado 70-
Line: 15 lb Sufix-

Topwater Bass Fishing is one of the most exciting ways to catch big bass. There is just something about those slow motion topwater blow ups that stick with you all through the cold Winter months. We reply those topwater strikes over and over again waiting for summer to return!

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