Top 5 Fall Baits to Catch Bigger Bass

Fall is a great time to catch giant bass! From topwater to jigs and cranks, learn about the best baits to use so you can catch those big bass while they are feeding.

The baits shown in this video are…

LV-500 Lipless Crankbait:
Dirty Jigs Football Jig:
DD22 Crankbait:
Heddon Super Spook:
River2Sea S-Waver 168:

Matt And Tim break down the best baits you can throw to maximize your bass fishing time on the water. Many fisherman waste a lot of time while Fall fishing by focusing on single fish instead of schooling bass.

The key is to use fast moving baits like these Top 5 lures to quickly locate bass. Once located you can slow down and capitalize on the school.

While crankbaits can be the most effective way to quickly locate bass, the topwater bite is hard to resist so baits like the heddon Super Spook or River2Sea Rover are a great option as well!

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