These fish are AWSOME

this is a creek fishing challenge video i recorded a while back of me and my buddies fishing a tiny creek. i never got to catch that smallmouth bass i wanted but you just never know what your going to get when fishing a small stream. but anyways it was a very great day for some fishing. sorry for the short video, more to come shortly. be sure to subscribe to the point fishing and be sure to drop a like.

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but in Mystery Tackle Boxes you can get some awesome lures such as:
Rat lure – topwater
Jig – sub surface lure
drop shot hooks
drop shot weights
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MTB or Catch Co is a cool subscription based company that sends you baits to your door every month. you will get baits,

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gear used
GoPro used:

reel I use and love (new version)-

rod&reel combo(I use for bass and bluegill)-

dropshot style hooks I use for bass and bluegill (super cheap and great)-

bobber (fantastic to see in the dark)-

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lures mtb vs ltb bassing


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