The sound of The Opera Consonance after a large upgrade .

According to the upgrade of monoblocks, the following turned out: Rubicon capacitors are Parallel to the drosel 6 GN, and paper – oil capacitors are delivered to the Opera Cyber 845S-ITT 8 UF x1000 V .

The main group of resistors – non-magnetic 1Watt tantalum Audionote, black gates in the cathodes -1000 UF x16v st series, in the power supply of the driver and input stage: WKZ 47 UF + 47 UF /500V .

Bridging capacitors – copper Jupiter bypassed silver Duelund .

Wiring: change all the wiring and laziness, and expensive . But in important places put copper monofilters Telefunken 39 and Litz Kondo, silver-at the entrance of the 845 tube .

Output transformers from Israel on HI-B iron : high-tech transics weighing 3.9 kg each, 12 K (8 ohms), with a band of 7.9 Hz-38.000 Hz as part of a specific device. They quite effectively restored the power strip littered with previous Liu charges in the midbass , bass, and even the middle middle, which is understandable ; the weight of the output transformers supplied by Liu in their prestigious monoblocks (for 845) was 2.9 kg . For a charge under 845, this is nonsense, of course.
One gets the impression that Liu from the Opera tested a little on other transformers. It is possible that when the prototype of the amplifier was made ,the transformers were different and with different parameters ,and they were recorded in the list on the device and advertised to everyone.
Ah and in a series of matter already that cheaper managed order. They order it most likely at the usual winding plant. In such offices, it is usually that the transformer for street lighting, that the output transformer for the amplifier-what’s the difference … and so it goes ..
It’s not just that QVORTRUP and Kondo make transformers themselves, without ordering from third-party companies.


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