The Best Times To Throw Jerkbaits | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResource. com,
and welcome to another edition of Hank Parker’sFishing Tips, where Hank answers your questions. And this one here this week comes from Kent
Smith from Germantown, Tennessee, and he wantsto know, “What time of year do you do begin
fishing shallow running minnow baits?”Hank: Shallow running minnow baits will not
necessarily be contradicted by or dictatedby what time of year. I should have said dictated, not contradicted. Not necessarily by time of year. I look at that water temp. And I’m telling ya, a lotta people feel like
it needs to be 60, 70 degrees before a jerkbaitis effective, a floating jerkbait. I’ve caught more big strings on minnow type
baits in 52, 53 degree water temperature thanI have any other water temperature. So I watch that water temperature and not
really depend on what time of year it is,it can be effective in January or June, it
really doesn’t matter. I let the the conditions of the lake dictate
when I use those minnow baits. Glenn: Well Kent, I hope that answers your
question, thanks so much for submitting it. And for more tips and tricks, just head over
to hankparker. com where there’s a whole bunchof tips and tricks and articles on there,
and videos. Go check it out, you’re gonna love it. And if you wanna get notified the next time
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