The Best Bass Fishing Baits


Choosing the best bait for bass fishing is essential if you want to achieve a measure of success and continue to get better and better in the hobby. Of course, if you do not have the technique then the bait is often irrelevant. However, if you have the bait in place, you can work on your technique and measure your own success every time you go bass fishing! There are several types of bait that you can use to great effect, but there are far fewer best types of bait for bass fishing and I will take you through them below! That way, you can try several out and see what works best for you before settling to one or two different types of bait.

1. The first is a selection of live baits (foodstuffs) that have been proven to work in the past with bass. Bait includes crab, sand eel, prawns and other small fish that will scent the water and thus attract the bass. However, it must be said that these do not have the same level of success in the winter as they do in the summer because bass do not tend to feed in the winter and it is doubtful that they would actually bite your line. It may be more prudent, and cheaper in the long term, to purchase and use artificial baits instead!

2. One of the most recommended options is a frog. Small plastic frogs are generally used effectively throughout the year. A frog is used to rest on the surface to attract bass because they will actually catch their attention in a rather potent way. Bass tend to be attracted to frogs for some reason. There have been many stories in the past about bass emerging from the water to snatch frogs from lily pads in the past. As they look and move like actual frogs, they have had great success in the past.

3. A floating worm is also a good option. Long gone are the days when live worms were commonly dangled on the end of a wooden stick and line, but fake worms are just as popular today and they do usually meet with some success. They come in a range of shapes and sizes and are sold at the vast majority of tackle stores. You can choose from ones that are 6 inches or those that are 11 inches, and they also come in a vast array of colours and shapes so. There is generally no difference so just choose the ones that you prefer yourself.

4. There are baits around that actually set the water in motion and that actually attracts the bass in a major way. As the bass in every river, creek, pool and so on are major predators, they tend to home in on anything that moves so if you can make the water around your bait move then you are at an advantage! The torpedo and the spinner bait are two examples. Both set the water in motion around them, which attracts the attention of the bass and improves your chances of catching more fish!


Source by Daniel Eggertsen

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