The Best $1 Lure For Topwater Bass

NOTE: When I purchased the lure it was in the “dollar bin” at Bass Pro Shops (which it is 80% of the time) so while online it is listed at $2.29 this lure is often in clearances bins at most Bass Pro Shops for $0.99

Hope you guys enjoyed this short story of my favorite, and quite possibly my oldest usable lure. I’m sure most of you where expecting a longer vid today but DO NOT FRET because I plan on uploading a at least 2 more though out the week.

Song: Soul Phazed — Artist: Jessica Hart
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Weather Conditions:
Precipitation: Light rain
Sky: heavy overcast
Air Temperature: 59-61oF
Wind: 5mph S
Time: 12pm-4pm ETS
Barometric Pressure: 30.11in

Water Conditions:
Average Depth: 5in-2ft
Vegetation: None
Cover: fallen timber & brush
Bottom content: gravel and small rock
Water Clarity: 6ft visibility
Water Temperature: 57oF

Jon’s pattern:
Lure: Bass Pro Shops Tourney Popper
Technique: Walking and spitting the popper
Hook: Gamakatsu Bronze Round Bend Trebles
Color: Frog
Line: 30lb Spiderwire Braid
Rod: 6’ 10” medium spinning rod
Reel: Lew’s Tournament Spin 6.2:1 Gear Ratio


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