Table Rock Bass Fishing Report; 9-24-18 w Randy of Largemouth Bass Nation

Table Rock Bass Fishing with Randy Yancey of Largemouth Bass Nation dot Com! Hello folks! This is Randy with my fishing report from yesterday afternoon! Enjoy! Had some time Monday afternoon so I headed to Table Rock lake, Cape Fair area, to see if the bass were biting. Got unloaded there at about 3:30 and fished for about 2.5 hours. Plans were to fish crankbaits from Rapala(DT6 in Mule and Demon), spinnerbaits from Mega Chomp Lures (BHO better hold on in Chart/White Indiana 3 blades) and their Chubby Bug jig and Stubby Bug skirted slider!

Beautiful, mostly cloudy day turned sunny and worm by 5 pm!
See the 4 + lb Largemouth caught on second cast at 45-50 seconds and the ‘special announcement’ for Field/Pro Staff Positions at the end!

Special thanks to; #Rapala, #megachomplures, #Keitech, #13fishing, #denalirods, #sufix, #stormlures, #vmc, #arashi, #chinookseedery

See conditions and strategy/pattern below!

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Water temp.- 77-78 degrees, Clarity- clear to 3-4 feet, ambient 77-81 degrees, cloudy to mostly sunny. Time started 330 pm to 6 pm!

Caught on the end of a bluff wall connected to a wooded cut off a main lake point. Clouds came up, covered the sun at about 345 and a breeze was blowing along the bluff wall. Shelf rock ledge at 4-5′ deep. Boat in 30′ of water, paralleling the wall. Made a 40-50 yard long cast right up against and out crop, and one or two cranks and ‘wham’!!

Reels used; 13fishing Concept Z and 13fishing Origin,

Rods used; 13fishing ‘ENVY’ MH Fast and Denali Undercover Sportsman Spec Edition, 7′ 0″ MHeavy/Fast!

Crankbait used to catch the big un; Rapala DT6 in ‘Mule’ and also threw the DT10 in ‘Demon’ craw and caught the lil one. Both fish caught with 30 feet of each other. They turned on for about 20 minutes until the breeze died and bright sun came out!

Go fishing/ catch a bunch/ release 100% of what bass you catch and your kids and grand kids may catch those same fish someday!

Thanks for viewing, Randy Yancey, Bass Angler!


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