Swing Head System for Bass Fishing

Big one. Man that’s a big one right there
boys, big smallmouth! You know when it’s slick this you got to find a technique that
you can be efficient with. These hard head/footballhead that is loose that Tommy Biffle made
really popular. This one is pretty cool righthere because you can attach the hook to it
real quickly so you can change hooks. Thisis the new Rage Bug by Strike King and what
I really like about it is everything and it’sgot those little Rage flanges even on the
side there. It just swims really awesome throughthe water even at really slow speeds. The
main thing you do with this is cast it outthere and you can fish it like a jig, but
I pretty much just fish it like a crankbait. Slowly reel it along the bottom and it’s great
for hard bottom/clean bottom areas where youcan just cover a lot of water. Right now I’m
just on a big gravel flat, its the springof the year, the fish are moving up to spawn,
and the conditions aren’t perfect, it’s cloudybut we’re sitting here and it’s slick calm.
This is something you can use when the wateris real clear. Its got a lot of action because
that head is bouncing around making a lotof noise kicking around and that body is jumping
around behind it, so it’s a really great system. I’m going to get one out and I’m going to
show you how to rig it here in a second. So this is the new Mustad Fast Hatch head
right here. This is the 3/4 ounce one righthere and what it does is its got their fast
hatch clip connected to it. You can put anyhook that you want to it so you can match
the size of the bait. A lot of times if thewater is real clear I’ll use a small profile
bait such as a little grub or something likethat. If it’s dirtier water I want to use
a bigger bait and I want to use a larger hookfor that. So right now I’m throwing the new
Rage Bug and the 4/0 Mustad Grip Pin worksreally good for that and it’s the perfect
sized hook. All you do is just start thaton there, run it all the way over the clip
and it can’t come off there. Again, that’sgoing to swivel on there and bounce back and
fourth. I’m just going to rig my Rage Bugon there. And again the great thing about
this with that grip pin once I slide thatover it holds it right in place so it can’t
slide down. I usually catch 2, 4 or even 5basson each bait so its going to save you a lot
of plastics. If your not fishing in reallyheavy cover, I’m going to leave that hook
completely exposed like that. If you’ve gotto throw it threw some brush and that you’ll
definitely want to put it back in so thathook point is down in the plastic. But that
bait right there just has tremendous actionas it’s bouncing along the bottom. I’m going
to use the size that I need to keep good bottomcontact and I love the 3/4 because I like
to fish fast. I’m going to fish it with 14-poundfluorocarbon. Make a good long cast out there
and I can retrieve it pretty quickly thatway. Keep that rod tip low to the water, try
to keep that bait just clicking along thebottom, and when they bite it it’s just kind
of like a crankbait bite. It just goes slackand you’ll feel the weight of the fish on
there. So want I want to do instead of justsetting the hook, is I just want to reel up
until that rod loads and then pull into em’and you’ll catch almost everyone of them.
It’s a great system to catch fish when conditionsare tough like this.

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