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Surface lures are quickly getting more and more popular in the last few years. The reason for surface lures rise in use is pretty much down to how a lot of us want to see the moment that we catch our fish. In the past we have thrown our lines out, then sat and waited until our floats go under or whichever way you fish, but nowadays using surface lures you can bring the fish to the top of the water to jump onto your lure. This is a spectacular show when you see this happen.

What these surface lures are designed to do is to make movements or noises across the surface of the water acting as if it was a small insect or some sort of food for the fish, in doing so the fish come to the surface of the water to try and catch its prey. Fish can make huge noises and splashes as they come and jump for the surface lures. The brilliant thing about fishing with surface lures is that you will constantly be on edge as it can happen at any moment and it can make you jump very high due to the suddenness of the bite.

A good time to go fishing with surface lures is at night where the bite can be even more spectacular, the only problem night fishing with surface lures brings is that you need to be very prepared and on the ball as you need perfect timing to catch a fish with this kind of lure.

Also when using surface lures you need to be very imaginative and move your rod in new and inventive ways. The reason for this is that you are trying to pretend that your surface lures are insects or other kinds of prey that a fish may make a bite for. You will want to try and move your surface lures in ways that they really would move so as to get the attention of the fish you are trying to catch, there are so many different ways that you can do this but I would suggest experimenting with it and find which ways you are most successful with.

There are many different types of surface lures out there on the market, some of them include, fizzers, poppers and waddlers. Each of these provides a different action for the lure and each can be used to catch different kinds of fish because of their individual movement.

Fizzers are surface lures which the fisherman moves with his or her rod and also has some blades attached which spin to cause a kind of fizzing motion which imitates a insect drowning or in the water. These attract the fish very well and I would recommend using them, the only problem with these kinds of surface lures is that you need to try out a lot of movements to get the right one so as to get the fish interested in your surface lures.


Source by Tony Savour

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