Sundown Subs LAUGHING at 5000 Watts w/ 2 15" ZV4 Subwoofers PORTED Slammin LOUD Car Audio Bass Songs

Another solid sound system coming in with Chris and his dual ZV4 15’s straight laughing at 5,000 watts of power! Basically teasing these woofers, it appears he’s got even more upgrades for SBN 2015!

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Chris’ SIck Pickup Truck Sound System
2 Sundown Audio 15’s / ZV4 Subwoofer Series
Single Everest 5k Bass Amplifier
Skar Audio Mids & Highs Speakers
Skar Audio 125.4 4 Channel Amp
Sky High Car Audio Wire

Bassheads Unite 2015
Slamfest Car And Truck Show 2014


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