Summertime Night Time Bass Fishing Series, Stockton Lake, Vol 2

Hello Bassin Fools!

Welcome to our 2nd video in our ‘Summertime Night Time Bass Fishing’ series. For this one, we went to Stockton Lake north of Springfield, Missouri.
On this trip, we got to Mutton Creek secondary access ramp, about 7pm, Saturday July 29th. We had 7 rods on deck, 4 rigged with crankbaits and 3 rigged with black/blue night fishing lures.
We started off just east of the ramp, on a secondary, wind blown point. Here, we decided to fish crankbaits, featuring the Rapala DT10 Crankbait series, in the ‘Bleeding Olive Shad’ pattern.
It was only the 4th or 5th cast when we hooked into our first keeper, a chunky 15.5 ” kentucky (spotted) bass. The DT10 was awesome, as the fish were all in the 8-10 foot water column and were moving up to pin shad against the rocks along this semi steep bank.
We were out testing some #Rapala and #Strike King Crankbaits before dark and fishing a black/blue #Terminator jig with a #YUM Black n Blue Craw Chunk trailer.
The totals for the trip (7 to 10PM) were 7 Black bass (1 15.5″ kentucky, 2 14″+, 4 smaller) and a nice 3-4 lb catfish (inhaled the
#Terminator Jig).
Surprisingly enough, 3 of the bass were caught after sunset, on a #Rapala DT10 crankbait, within 200 feet of the same Rocky point.
Sorry, I couldn’t get all the fish I caught on video, as it got too dark at about 9 pm, so best I could do was to snap some pictures with my cell phone. Go to to see the full article with pictures and this video.

Thanks for viewing,!
Randy (Randman011) Yancey, Tournament Bass Angler