Summertime Bass Fishing with Randy Yancey, Stockton Lake August 24th video

Caught a nice almost 17 inch largemouth when bass fishing at Stockton Lake in southwest Missouri. Good day for crankbaits! Caught it on a Rapala DT 6 in Bleeding Olive Shad pattern!
Fished from 2 pm to 5:30 pm as was there to check out if my big motor was running properly.
First time in my new (99) tow vehicle, my Z71 pulled my Javelin 17′ 8″ like it wasn’t back there!
Caught one more non-keeper and a beautiful 10″ bluegill!
Was a beautiful summer day with highs in the low 80’s. Water temp at State Park was a cooler, 79-80 degrees and the water clarity due to rains the day before was only 1-2 feet. If you know Stockton, that’s stained. Stockton, in southwest Missouri is a pretty clear lake , normally. After the flooding in late April, it was 2-3 months getting back close to normal pool. It was almost 20′ over in mid-May.
I actually fished for about 2 hours, spent the rest of the time running figure 8’s in Hartley just trying to see if my Evinrude was running right as it hadn’t been last tournament.
Go Fishing, it was so peaceful! Saw a Bald Eagle flying and gave me a great appreciation in living in southwest Missouri within the Greatest Country on the planet, the United States of America!


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