[SUB] 시즌 ON! 덩어리 봄 배스! 경남 양천강 배스 낚시! Start a season! big bass in spring!

Guys! Hello!today!I came to the Yangcheon River in Gyeongnam today!I came to Yangcheon River!now, the weather is pretty warmtoday, I wonder how bass would react. Ah. . Indeed, they are gonna have to come out by now. . by now please~aren’t they?I mean itreallyplease guystoday!surely!I hope I can show you bass today. of course, the bigger, the better!pleaseI beg youOMGSotoday!as usual!go for it!voila, guys!my first rig isnosinker!It is a nosinker, but there is weight on the hookby using weight hook, let me try nosinkerIs lure rolling on the bottom?the line flows. . guys, the sun is now warm. but still wind iscold. . Let’s slow down the operation of the lure as possible. Slow down as much as possible!tire?it smells like burning tire! because of wind. . I got it!I got it! it’s mine!it’s mine, guys!it’s minemine!wow, look at its strength!I missed this hand touch for a long time!wow, isn’t it big??guys!this is large!!this is dedicated for you guys!wow, I feel so good!the size might be a grandpa of bass!Tada! look guys!my arms are about to fall off since I got a big one after a long timejeez~guyslet me calm down. . . with nosinker on weight hook,very slowlylike free rig operationI kept draggingI kept dragging very slowlykeeping line tensionthat’s when I felt fish bitingAt first,pat!pat pat!fish started bitingand it just took it all the way. voila, then let’s keep movingon attack with nosinker!nowThere is a fishing man behind him. I couldn’t shout out “It’s mine!” Hello! I just met my subscriber!He’s been fishing therefor a while and he was my subscriber!he saw me all hanging around carelessly after getting one fish The water here is clear. soRather than having no wind,it’s better to have a wind like todaybecause fishes are less on the alertthe stone of water in front is really good like free rig with nosinkerto the bottompassing ~while passing by like this. coming all the way and what if I feel one stone?then I tap a rod slightlyso that lure can go over stonethat’s how I am doing fishingI’m trying to get the bass as if lure were as loose as possible. let’s waitWait hard. waitlike this!Am I holding the rod now. . ?Am I buildingthe rod up??like this wayyou know what I’m saying?bass i’ve caught before,I saw its lips not red at allthen it meansThe water temperature has become quite warm. then it’s gonna have to activatebut not yet. . I may have to be waiting a bit longer here we go!guys, now I got itit’s here, I got it now!it’s mine!it’s mine!what a cool tail walk it is!Come out fasterthat’s enoughhow strong you were!ugh, your lips is still redlookit has still red lipsThis time it’s the second, the second!I feel great! guysI’ve been feeling this touch in a long time!the power is good!the physique is good!the size is good!it’s good!guys!since I’ve got 2 fishesI noticed the line ischafed by stoneI think I’ll have to cut it off and re-prep a rig. Make sure you check the line. if I had gotten bigger oneand it had broken down because I had not checked line,then I would be shedding the blood tearsabout this much?And the cut lineDon’t throw it away just anywheredon’t throw away the line in the fieldeven the line left small in the endDon’t throw it away!wow! guys!The guys here are basicallybig, I thinkthe physique is good and the power is good!I think after a long time,I feel like having biting touch in my handsIt’s a great feeling. It seems that the spring is comingit’s really coming!because fishes react in this way voila, guys!Now, the sun has come over here. I moved points to where the sun is coming inone. . I was going to see one morebut it’s not helping meguys! I think I have to finish hereI wanted to show you one morewell. . . but it’s not coming upIt seemed like it was going to come out soonbut I think I showed you real true bass of this yearI feel great!when the weather gets better, then~it’s donethank you for watching my video today!I am going home now!

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