Stop Revealing Locations On Social Media

For at least the last few years people have been their own worst enemy by sharing exact locations of special spots on social media. I see it everyday. People geotag or give exact location or address of a fishing spot, hiking trail or an unknown pond in the middle of the forest or something similar. 3 weeks after you got your dopamine fix with a bunch of likes on Instagram or Facebook you go back to your secret spot and you discover it’s not a secret spot anymore. People have trashed it. People have shared it on their social media and now when you show up there are people there. It’s your own fault. Stop burning your spots on social media. The new catch phrase is Digital Leave No Trace.

I see it all the time, you post a video and people want to know the exact location you were when you caught that giant fish. Be general in your comments and description. Tell them the name of the river, not the exact bend of the river where you caught that trophy fish. I sometimes share a location with a viewer if they send me a direct message. I don’t mind doing that. I ask them not to burn the spot on their social media. You know how I feel, tell me your opinion in the comments. Should we all take a social media break?

Here is the article from Modern Hiker I mentioned in the video.

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