Spring Bass Fishing Millerton Lake

you see I don’t come this lake entrance fee is too expensive, yer f***kn Pine Flat eh, $30 for a whole yearyou know how much their annual fee here is?their annual fee here, f***kn isf**kn $190 you got one?!I’m not downing for you, I’m not ready yet oooo! this one is 1313 it don’t count yet Yingska, we’re not downingthere was nobody ready yet thats good! now there’s motivation 60 degrees F37 feetoh shit yours bit? this ones there?that one definately is, it is bigger than mine this lake is better to come, but you got to have the right boat wonder if this guys there you guys have how many?4 these 2 guys just fishing crawfish with me well we’re jigging live baits no, but you guys got here first Fongjump over to my boatwe each have to chug 4 beerswho held you 2 to not come its not me you just hit mine L’ luss really small L, you lose to Maxyou lost to Max, yer Max is casting, he’s not using crawdad lying oh you guys getting to down, Max got one too, yer go chugstill got 4eh 2 right hereI already had 2 Taw knows he wont bet just 1 and 1 for me and Steveyou want me to pop?you guys still have bait?what bait?crawdad? there’s 3 left these 2 fished 3 each to no bitesI fished 3, got stuck, and quit eh, 7pm perfect to go back home7pm?we’ll go make Laab to eat before we all go home down 1 more we go y’all readyI’m not satisfied yetyour ready to go home?no, we’re still fishing, we’re going over there ready to chug only!hurry Fong we are 4 cans Thank you Max you didn’t set hook, ehgot it must me big

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