Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Maine


Maine has some of the best smallmouth bass fishing around. Why wouldn’t it be great fishing with all the clear lakes and rivers.
The smallmouth bass is a feisty little fighter when caught and you are trying to bring him to land. And there is nothing like the thrill of seeing this feisty fish jumping out of the water.
Everybody (that wants to) can catch a smallmouth bass, you do not need to be an expert fisherman. Take it from me, I do not like to fish, but after I caught my first bass, I can’t wait to go bass fishing.
There are so many sporting camps on lakes in Northern Maine where you can try your luck at catching a bass. It’s not uncommon to catch a three to four pound bass, a nice fish to remember!
Read below what vacationers and fisherman have said about their vacations and bass fishing in Maine.

Kathy writes:   It was nice to come to a place where people treat you like family. I hope this was the first of many visits to Maine. And it sure helped when I caught the biggest fish of the trip. A sixteen inch Bass!

Bill writes:  Arrived today at our camp on Jackson Brook Lake and my son Jake caught a 15″ bass right off the dock. Boy is he excited and guess what a few minutes later his Mom got a Whopper Too!!!

At Birchwood Cottages and Guide Service in Brookton Maine, you can enjoy smallmouth bass fishing on Jackson Brook Lake and after a great day of fishing you can relax in your cottage on the shore of Jackson Brook Lake and listen to the call of the loons. What could be more exciting and relaxing at the same time.
Birchwood Cottages And Guide Service offers housekeeping cottages on the shore of Jackson Brook Lake in Brookton Maine. Guided fishing trips are offered or you can fish on your own.
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Source by Sally Hescock

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