Simple Wacky Jighead Bass Fishing System

The wacky jighead is Mike Iaconelli’s favorite finesse system and one to which he credits a couple tournament wins. The system consists of a jighead with light-wire hook matched with a favorite stick bait.

Iaconelli delves into characteristics of a good jighead, plus the proper rod, reel and line for fishing this system around cover or open water. If you’re a fan of unweighted wacky rigging, you’ll gain from the benefits a jighead provides. Beginner or a seasoned pro, bass boat or walking the bank, this is a get-bit system for bass fishing.

-VMC Ike Approved Wacky Weedless Jig Head:
-Berkley Havoc Ike’s 5″ Flat Dawg:
-Abu Garcia REVO Premier Spinning Reel:


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