Shimano Trevala and Other Shimano Rods Make Butterfly Jigging Easy

The system of butterfly jigging started in Japan during the year 1990. This was developed to reel in blue fin tuna up to a depth of 500 feet. This certain fishing system is known as “butterfly jigging” since the lure of the rod has distinct butterfly-like and zigzag motions under the water. This one-of-a-kind motion is the reason why butterfly jigging is capable of attracting huge groups of fishes. Since jigging requires a special kind of fishing rods, you need to use unique and durable rods. When looking into the market, opt for Shimano Trevala, which are designed specially for butterfly jigging.

The Concept of Butterfly Jigging with Shimano Trevala Jigging Rods

Shimano Trevala rods are among the perfect fishing rods that are used specifically for butterfly jigging. Some Shimano rods, which allow jig fishing, present the fishes with vertical profile. The jigs are developed in such a way that they attract and catch fishes even from a distance or depth of 150 feet or more. Shimano Trevala rods have jigs that drop instantly to the ocean’s bottom with one swinging motion. The color and the shape of the jigs are similar to certain fish species, which are being consumed by the bottom feeders of the sea. The lively motion of the jigs of Shimano Trevala and other jigging rods in the industry is called action/reaction. This implies that the rod’s jig does not only attract fishes that are searching for food, it also tends to make other fishes attack due to the sudden movements of the jig.

The Beginning of the Shimano Rods

The start of the company that makes Shimano rods happened in Osaka, Japan, in the year 1921. But it was only in the year 1970 that the corporation started making fishing rods and launching it for the use of the people. After releasing its first models of fishing rods, the company has been able to build a good reputation for itself. What is more, it has come up with better versions of its rods each passing year. Among the unique designs of the company are the Shimano Trevala series, which are great for butterfly jigging. As a matter of fact, the Shimano Trevala jigging rods are considered as among the world’s widely used systems for butterfly jigging.

Butterfly Jigging Is More Effective with Shimano Trevala Rods

The Shimano Trevala rods, which are used for jigging, are specifically designed and created to eliminate the difficult of fishing even at great water depths. These special rods let anglers or fishermen feel each movement of the rod as they are reeling in the lure. The Shimano Trevala jigging rods amplify each lure movement to enable you to judge accurately each motion and action of the fish that gets caught in the bait. There are several fishing rods from the manufacturer that allows you to set up your own system for butterfly jigging. The best fishing rods that you can utilize for heavy-duty preparations are Shimano Trevala and its F rod series. These rods can be used in combination with patented reels and jigs from the company in order for you to complete your jigging system.

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Source by Robert Feuring

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