Seasonal Patterns for Catching Bass: A Year-Round Guide to Locating America’s No. 1 Gamefish (Ultimate Bass Fishing Library)

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Have you ever suffered mental gridlock in the midst of what should be the picture perfect springtime day for catching a trophy largemouth? And what about the countless times the weatherman missed the forecast, blowing your game plan just hours before a weekend tournament? Even the pros have head-scratching moments like the scenarios listed above. But the experts are quick to adapt to most any situation. After all they spend hundreds of hours fishing in extreme weather conditions at BASS tournaments held from California to New York. You will not find a more complete reference guide for solving the perplexing riddles bass fisherman face over the course of four seasons. This book goes beyond the basics of seasonal fishing and delves into the challenging scenarios that make you cringe when you see the weather forecast. Regardless of where you go fishing, this book will help you expand your bass angling horizons. And undoubtedly make you a better fisherman…


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