Sam Rayburn Bass Fishing Report 4 22 19 Big Bass Splash

This is the last Sam Rayburn Bass fishing report we will get up before the Big Bass Splash, formerly known as the McDonald’s Big Bass. Got to spend a little time on the water Saturday with River Lee of the SFA FIshing team and then with my brother in law Charles “Ed” Geary trying to catch a few crappie. The bass fishing was hot and heavy early on chatterbaits and then a Carolina rig, then we caught several a little later in the morning on frogs. Crappie fishing, at least out deep, is still pretty spotty, we probably should have tried to fish over the grass but in the area we were in there’s not a ton of good grass right now. See everyone this weekend for the Big Bass Tournament!

Guys MAKE SURE your:
Running Lights work
You have a throw cushion
Your boat registration is current
You have a life jacket on
You have a kill switch attached
A valid Texas Fishing License
You have a fully charged and functioning fire extinguisher…

all things Sealy staff may check. I am at if you need me!


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