Return to the land of the Giant Bass Saguaro Lake

hey guys you’re watching the fishing
with Gary show again well we’re back atland of the Giants yep you guessed it Saguaro
Lake about 35 miles north of Phoenixand we’re here trying to catch one of
these Giants we haven’t been up here fora year so we’re just gonna keep going
and see what happenssee if we can hookone of these babies a lot of people fish
in here it’s a Saturday morning got anice cloud cover so we’ll just kind of
right now I’m just throwing a bladed jigvibe jig, a ChatterBait to be exactand
we’ll just let that go down where thefish a lot of fish on the graph a lot of
shad so see what happens I got a wholearray of stuff out today you know from
drop shot, to Texas rig, to lures, to crank baitsyou name it so we’ll just kind of
film this figure it out and a brand newLake for us so we’re just gonna try
everything we can and see if we can getthis going. going along the shoreline
here and we’re just pitching up to theshore and stuff like that you know we’ve
caught a couple off camera but now I’mjust dragging I’m seeing a lot on the
graph just little individuals hopethere’s a bite right there. all rightThere he isthere he is. there he. is not what what we’re looking forbut we’ll take something like this you
know it’s just. . . just a nice little wellone thing that we’re way up the river
right now and you know it’s just alittle pound and a half one but the
coloring is beautiful on these these areso dark in this fast river like this so
we’ll just let this little baby go andwhat. . . oops. . sorry what I’m fishing with is
I’m just back to the old Bartlett lakespecial you know just using my good old. . .
good old brush hogs. you knowstraight as an arrow. quarter-ounce tungsten two odd
hook and a brush hog with a little bitof chartreuse on the back so
I’m just going in I’m just throwing themright up on the rocks and just let it
slide right down like down the bank andafter it gets down to be ten 15 feetthat one just picked it up there’s nobite I missed a couple bites cuz
there’s no bite at all so they don’tknock it or hit it or anything it’s just
one of those pressure bites but you cansee what we’re fishing here got the
current pushing us along this morning sowe’ll just kind of keep doing it I’ve
been flipping the walls like I said it’sabout time we got here really early when
it was dark so it’s getting light enoughto start shooting and there’s tons of
people here there’s there’s only beenone other guy that to catch a fish we
had a bad storm last night so I’m surethat this has knocked out the fishing
just a little bit so we’re just gonnakeep casting and just aiming for the
shore and drift with the currentSee what, all right we’re trolling down
through this little ravine there’s a lotof fish just all of a sudden got it in
the fish or not on the rocks but they’re outso I’m just bouncing along and all
they’re doing they’re not big fish butyou know it’s bouncing. . bouncing. . bouncing
there he is! no bite at all it’s just itjust gets heavy so if you’re if you’re a
brand-new bass fisherman if you’re abrand-new bass fisherman oh boy there we
gothe one key thing to do is get a. . get
a. . get a fishing pole that thissensitive I don’t care what kind of reel
to put on it it’s nice to have a nicereel but there’s a really little guy but
this rod like I was saying if you’re abrand-new fisherman having a sensitive
rod means the difference on everythingand I really don’t care what kind of
reel you put on it you know but the rodmakes a huge difference I like using the
medium rods with a fast tip so I’m justgonna pitch this back up and just let
that thing just fall down the rocks andjust kind of go on the bottom weight
ends we’re going to hookinto a big one there’s a lot of big fish
in this area so sowe’ll just kind ofsee what happens and just keep fishingI’m coming to a spot in the river that I
know there’s a like a little cove righthere and I’ve caught some fish in here
there’s a sandbar underneath me so Iwent from 25 feet down to 9 feet out
here on this sandbar so. . so I’m justgonna kind of random cast across this
sandbar just to see if I can get somefish just let it go down
so yeah that’s only nine feet deep herewe’re just fishing with the current
today they’re pulling water upit sounds kind of weird but those pumps that suck
the water out of Saguaro and put itback in Canyon are really really strong
so it can make a big current so the lakewas plumb full when we got here so they
were pumping pumping water all nightand then this morning they’re pumping it
back in the Canyon so as you can see thewater level already is down a foot so
they suck the water out of this lakelike crazy but it creates a current and
these fish thrive on this current hereat this at Saguaro so I’m just letting
that bounce right over the sandbar justto check in there’s a few fish here that
I’m seeing on the graph not many butjust a few few little bleep so we’re
just catching them one at a timenothingI’m just dragging that over
there’s a few rocks on this sandbar Ican fill them down there well that felt
good these tungsten weights that’sanother thing I’d recommend using is a
tungsten it works really, really well you know. Oop!that one tugged back he didn’t feel
too big but he hit it and you don’t knowif it’s going to be a bluegill or a
little tiny bass or whatever but a bites a Bitethat’s the first one
that’s the first bite that I actuallyactually
felt so sometimes when they’re doingthat I’ll take I’ll take some spray and
I don’t care if you’re using crawfish oryou use bang or what you use so I just
kind of spray itjust in case those fishare not holding on to good and that way
when they bite it they taste that tasteon there instead of the rubbery taste
and they hold on to it a lot better soyou can actually set the hook and have
them on there that one just was one ofthose little tappers just kept up you
know so soI’m just kind of dragging itover this sandbarI haven’t caught
berated me I haven’t caught any bluegillup this lake at all but but I have
caught a lot little bass but we’vecaught some Giants bass last year when
we were up here filmingso I can fillthose rocks down on the sandbar down
there with this tungsten just draggingit alongI just saw some fish down onthe bottom here so what I’m gonna do isbounce this brush hog right along the
bottom I’ve been catching them that way andlike I said they haven’t been big and
I’m giving it the old Bartlett jiggleyou knowuntil he bites backcome on baby come on upthey’re bass so like I said you never
know where you’re gonna hook that bigone but boy these are little ones I
never caught me this little but you mustbe last year’s spawn look how dark they
are well just let this little guy goright he’s gone yeah
I’ve been seeing just three four at atime just going along the bottom fishing
the graph so there was a bunch of themback there so what I’m gonna do is go
back right where they are so just letstill letting that bounce along the
bottom guys just there’s no bite I hadone tick and now look at there it is
it’s just heavy Wow fighters boy thesethings fight hard man! they’re small but
those Florida strain they they do fightoh. . hey they’re getting bigger you know
look at this it’s in the two-pound rangenow instead of the pound pound the
quarter pound and a halfyep there they are beautiful fish okay
guys thank you alright!oop! there a bite. . got himBig! ol’ bass nice one well guyslooks like we
may have got us a big onehe is pulling really, really, really hard taking drag
he’s coming up whoa that’s a nice fishfinally whoops I’m gonna have to get
away from this shoreline whoo he’ssinging on the drag that’s for sureholy
mackerel all rightall right we seem to hang on to a good one now so he’s
pulling pretty hard haven’t got to seehim a little bit oh yeah he’s a nice one
now look at thisthat’s he’s a war out now a little bit nicer they’re getting like
I said they’re getting a little bit alittle bit bigger so that’s pretty close
to you guys not too bad the good oldbrush hog is finally starting to pay offbut yeah that’s when it’s getting bigger
so that’s that’s what we’re after landof the Giants
so we’ll go ahead and I’ll let this guy goyou know revive him a little bit he
goes nice oh boy I tell ya that’s uh wegot a little closed quarters here but
there we go once again watermelon candythey started reversing the water going
back the other way now it’s goingdownstream real simple guys just Texas
rig this thing same old thing show youhow to do this – odd hook go in the
front of the brush hog slide it all theway up on that keep by those extra wide
gaps and a lot on the long ones not theshort ones kind of make your make your
brush or look kind of straight make sureit’s straight and I’m just using a
quarter ounce of tungstenand like I said just they’ve been kind of a you
know off the bank a little bit so easyto catch them you know right now just
spot them on the graph so alrighty we’regonna start back up and go up to the
good spot again and try to catch anotheronewe were just pitching these rocks again
going downstream with them there’s onejust swimming with it see what this one
looks like Oh Godwhoa that’s a nice fish I didn’t think
he was this bigholy mackerel that is one nice fish look
at that come on baby. Look at this. . . this is anice oooh!that’s a tub Oh man!this a nice one well you can realize how hardthese things can fight you know when
come on babyholy mackerel
that is one one nice fishWait till you see this one folks this is a good oneoh you know whatthis is ahoh ya!look at this boys okay that’s a nice one
and out of beauty a little skinny butyou know heavy
that’s a nice fat fish whoo welllet’s let this baby go let’s let her gookay she’s alive well we’re down towards
the end of our run right nowoh shootand I had a bite right under the boat
so I’ll just cast it up against therocks and just drifting out we’ve got
quite a few today but it’s a big oldsandbar right here so we’re gonna have
to shut down and probably go back up andmake another run see if I get another
bite right in through here I got thatlast big one right through here so we
started up and went back up to the frontof itI think we ought to run up the lake
running up the river a little bitfurther let’s try that we’ll go way up
there and see what happenslook at that I’ve been been way way up
there so got a nice beautiful day withcloudy conditions cool it’s only about
97 degrees 96 degreesall right we’re into another one coming
in feisty little guy just a nice nicelittle fat pound a half two pounder over there just talking to our friendGreg and Jeff next to us and just cast
it around showing them what I’m usingSo we hooked him right in the top another
thing these you just gotta wait for thatfish just. . . See how skinny he is look at this
real skinny should be like a three and ahalf pounder but he’s notpure perfect color just pullin along and
you just just barely feel that bite andjust set the hook so that’s how all our
fish work today so if we’re gonna letthis little guy gowe will let him swim off here. he’s thinking about ithe’s still there isn’t hecome on guy Whoa!!!well that’s it look at thatgood old watermelon candy Texas rigged
make sure you get that thing nice andstraight it’s the whole ticket behind it
so we just. . . just like that just Texas rigquarter ounce weight always make sure
you’re filling your line too because ifyou got a little fray in there and you
catch a big fish but if you’re up hereprobably doesn’t matter Bartlett but if
you up here it does so check your checkyour bait got the chartreuse on the
bottom I think I caught every fish onthis today instead of the drop shot so
give it a try up here actually give it atry everywhere all right here we are
we’re just about ready to leave we’vecaught a lot of fish today not a lot but
about 10 we caught some really big onessome threes, fours, fives and a seven so
you hope you enjoy the show brush hogsmade by zoom baby brush hogs watermelon
candy with a quarter ounce tungstenweight give it a try
12 pound test line Johnny Morris Patriotrod can’t go wrong this thing is perfect
thanks again we’re saying goodbyefrom Saguaro lake you

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