Retail Stores Merchandising

When we talk about merchandising a retail store, we could focus on four store types to be able to understand its concept. These four types would be auto parts, clothing, sporting goods and electronics.

With a sporting goods store, you just basically need to change the window once every season, and just one part of the window. This is because you basically want to display all of the goods that are hot throughout the year, but you also want to change a portion of your window display every new season. For instance, you could focus on hunting in November, fishing in summer and football in August. Although you want to display everything you have, you would also need to display something new every season.

With a clothing store, it is a little bit different. Although they also have their seasonal displays, they would also need to change weekly to make sure that are able to display the different items that they have for each season. You would also need to make sure that your window displays are always interesting. Also in clothing, the employees need to consistently fold the products that customers look at and then put it back.

With an electronic store, they could basically display all their products in their window because they sell through the year. They need to still change it, however, so that clients would always be interested or to promote a certain product from time to time.

For auto parts retail stores, these basically are the easiest as their products really sell throughout the year, so the window just needs to show all their products. You could usually see their items displayed in bulk.

As you merchandise your products in a retail store, here would be the six steps.

1. You need to have the right product.

2. Everything should be in the right place.

3. Everything has to be with you at the right time.

4. Your items need to be in excellent condition.

5. You need to have the right quantity in stock.

6. You need to make sure that your items are marked with the right price.

Source by Bill Pratt

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