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Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResource. com. I’m here with Hank Parker with another edition
of Hank Parker’s Fishin’ Tips. Hank, we got a great question today from Kent
Smith from Germantown, Tennessee, and he wantsto know when you’re fishing with jerk pegs. . . jerk
pegs?Jerkbaits. We’ll tell you that again. When you’re fishing with jerkbaits, do you
have a couple of suggestions on cadence, andmore specifically he really wants to know,
like, what do you start off with, and whythat?Hank: Well, first of all, when I’m fishin’
a suspending jerkbait, I wanna have fluorocarbonline. People think fluorocarbon line sinks. I’ve heard that said so many times. Fluorocarbon line does not sink, it’s neutrally
buoyant. It doesn’t sink or float. So a suspendin’ jerkbait, the real key to
catchin’ fish, I think, on a suspendin’ jerkbait,is when you stop that bait, to have that bait
at a profile of a natural-lookin’ bait, notfloatin’ up or not sinkin’ down. So I don’t wanna have a line that sinks that
weights it down, and I don’t wanna have aline that floats that noses it up, so I wanna
be neutral, so I fish fluorocarbon. That’s the most important thing. Second most important thing, I think, fishin’
that jerkbait, is when you get through jerkin’at that final time and you’re gonna pause
it, always feed it a little bit slack. Point the rod tip back to it. Don’t ever leave your line tight. That’ll nose that bait up. So stop it, and just feed a little line back
and leave it on slack line and watch yourline. So I think that’s important. If I’m fishin’ a floating jerkbait, then I
want monofilament line. I want a line that floats, and I’ll tell ya
a little trick that I do, and I think, Glenn,it really makes a big difference sometimes. When those fish are up really, really shallow
and I don’t really want my jerkbait, eventhough I’m fishin’ a jerkabit that runs only
two feet deep, you know, and it floats andit comes back up, I really don’t want it to
get too deep. I dress my line with Chap Stick. I’ll take some wax Chap Stick and just dress
about 10 or 15 feet of that line, and thatkeeps my line real buoyant, and it’ll work
great on top water, as well. But those are a couple little tricks that
I do with a jerkbait that I think are important,and I think they’ll pay dividends if you give
it a try. Glenn: Kent, that’s a great question. Thank for. . . thank you for submitting it. If you wanna catch more tips and tricks, go
to hankparker. com. And if you wanna be notified of the next time
we post some of Hank’s tips, just subscribeto our YouTube channel. Thanks, and have a great day.

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