Pre Fishing at Stockton Lake in SW Missouri, for USA Bassin Divisional tournament, July 8th, 2017

Went Pre Fishing Friday at Stockton Lake in SW Missouri, for the USA Bassin Divisional tournament on Saturday. July 8th, 2017.

It was hot, windy with water temps in the mid 80’s, so I concentrated on trying to catch bass ‘Deep’! Used crank baits, in all depth ranges and various colors to see if I could catch some keepers.

Caught 2 keepers, 1 non-keeper and 1 got off at the boat. (non-keeper). Water clarity was pretty good today, with visibility in the 5-6 foot range, except in the far back of some creeks.

Threw mostly crankbaits, and caught most of the keepers on a Bomber Fat Free Guppy in a Citrus Shad (blue,chart , white).

Caught one on a chatterbait with a 4.8 pro blue Keitech paddletail. Slow rolling it on the deeper side of a wide, long flat in the back of a long creek arm.

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