Pocket Fisherman VS. Huge Fish Challenge – Review and Demo with Giveaway from Sin City Outdoors

I love to fish so when I saw this product at the As Seen On TV store I had to give it a try. The Pocket Fisherman is very small and light weight so I wasn’t sure if it could handle anything bigger than a bluegill. I gave it a try and pulled in some pretty good sized fish. I caught a Catfish and a couple Smallmouth Bass with it. I eventually got my line snapped by a huge Striper but it was worth testing this product to the max. The hooks will rust out of the fishs mouth so he wont be harmed by the busted line. I am not affiliated or sponsored by this company. This is just a video of me showing off my new fishing pole. I will be giving this item away on my Instagram page. (Link Below) Thanks for watching and I’ll See You Outdoors!

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