Peric Can’t Catch A Smallmouth Bass…

Peric, Rob, and I scrap our game plan to fish Lake George and b-line over to a smaller lake for some afternoon smallies. After patrolling the lake for a few hours we got on a pretty decent finesse and topwater bite. Although we didn’t stick any of those NY slaunches we still managed to scrape up a few solid fish before we head back to Chicago. Thanks for watching, as always…keep fishing, never stop!
—Young Plugg

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Artist: Thovo Beats

Rod: 6’ 6’ medium heavy spinning
Reel: 2000 size spinning
Main line: 20lb braid
Leader: 8lb fluorocarbon
Lure: 3in finesse craw
Weight: 1/8oz shakey head

Rod: 6’ 9” Medium Cousin’s Raze
Reel: 7.3:1 Casting reel
Main line: 50lb braid
Lure: 5in spitting walk bait

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Mic —
Camera Case —
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