Part 2: Lake Toho vs. Butler – Florida Bass Fishing

we’re now here on day number two with
mr. Rodney we went to Toho a coupledays ago two days ago and it was not
very goodtoday we’re at Butler and we’re going to
make up for it. I got a little bit of acold so my my voice sounds horrible but
uh I’m feeling good and we’re gonnacatch a bunch of fish today. Watch it.
it’s basically mana so he couldn’t havemuch a better wind than what we have
right here for what we’re about to dobecause you want to throw them out there
into that drop-off and uhWe caught a 10-8 on that side. And, in the
wintertime there on that drop. The summertime there on this drop. There’s a bunch of. . . a bunch – there has been – mydisclaimer. . . a bunch of three to five
pounders in here. okay. I’m going to throwit out there on a free line. A free line. You just leave it on free spool. . . Leave it on free spool and then you’ll
just. . . They’ll take off with itlet them peel line out for a little bit
click it in, pull it tight, and set the hook. That’s different. Yeah. . . I got domestic shiners today instead of wild. The wild shinerstend to. . . the wild shiners tend to swim
closer to the surface and in thesummertime, what the problem is we
haven’t been able to get good domesticshiners this year. For whatever reason they they come from like Kentucky andArkansas and they’re all farm raised and
they’ve been having problems getting thelarges and extra larges we’ve been
getting a bunch of mediums aren’t muchbigger than crappie minutes and it’s
only every couple days that you can landif they have to bigger oneso how do you hook them freely up right
through the bottom upcome in bottom and up through one of their nostrils. okay. . . the wild shiners look completely
different than these things do yeah yeahthese are domestic or farm-raised
but they’re so domesticated they don’teven like if you held a wild shiner up
next to them they look completelydifferent I don’t know if they you know
at some point they had they didn’t theseweren’t created in the lab some point
they were wild shiners that startedbeing bred and I don’t know the whole
story behind that but there got itapparently they want them on a bobber. got them yeah that’s one of those new
fate black rods. It’s a decent fish too. There’s a bunch of grass down there too .
He thought about jumping. They. . . Oh by the way. . . these fish out here pulled pretty hard
so they sometimes you might thinkthey’re big and you get them out of the
boat and they weigh like 2 and 1/2pounds. Wow he’s staying down. I just want to look at you I’ll let you
go man that one was he’s about as big asthe biggest one we caught at Toho. But
we’re going to probably catch a bunch ofthese here today. Open your mouth. That ain’t a bad one. nice. . . nice first fish. You’ve got the khale hooks. That’s a bad hook there went your
shiner had what much down or Osprey gotthem wouldn’t they have to get the
pliers on him. Not a bad one. good start. . . well I’m going to put that one back out
with a bobber if it gets hit againbefore that one does then we’re going to have two of them out there with a bobber. Watch your feet there. yeah thislid covers up half the boat okay yes
so Rodney’s a artificial lure guy but wespent all day on Toho two days ago
artificial lure fishing he said hewanted to try some shiner fishing so I
picked up two dozen this morning theseare not wild shiners the water is warm
this time of year these are extra largedomestic shiners which are sometimes
they work better on some of these lakesin the summertime and so we’re going to
shiner fish for a little bit hereuntil we run out and then we’re going to
switch over and look that one’s goneagain Oh back upAt this rate we won’t have shiners
for very long I think this one’s give nohow do you catch up on this one little
guy. You can take care of him. I’ll see what’s happening on this one. I thought I felt the strike.
the thing about shiner fishing is youusually it’s about a 50 to 60 percent
hook up ratio where you’re going to missa lot of fish shiner fishing. to fishing yeah there
you gonow first of all they wanted to bobber
now they’re wanting the free line orthey’re just going back and forth. It doesn’t take them long to find it, does it. nopejust another one and I want a little bit
bigger in that second one but not as bigas the first oh oh that one just got
crushed here I’ll take him he gotcrushed got him yeah it’s hard to get do
doubles by yourselfwe got a long and skinny this one is.
he’s got his Beach body going on oh oh wepulled off man
it’s okay I got the best for ya oh youoh. He let it goI don’t quite know what to do with that
bobber get that light you got a lot ofslack yeah yeah yeah. Is there any size to him?Is there any size to hime? strong I don’t know like I say I hadn’tcaught enough of them to know probably
felt like them other ones. yeah I think there’sone on there he’s definitely hit it but
then I don’t know if he went down is heon it he went down the grass and stops
with it. I made him move. That steel hit him. I made him move. That’s six. oh that’s a little bit bigger one. he hit it
hard I mean he I had the button hadclicked over and uh a little bit bigger
hi one’s got some color to him doesn’t he?This one has been caught before. and he swallowed it. You may have to cut that one only to see itapart he had a little bit too long I can
give that I think pulled up on it maybeyes coming up in Texas when we get them
with that slid on the jaw usuallythey’ve had a cull tag you know yeah
nice long fish nice we got no bait inthe water but we got seven fish in the
boat hey you know you’d be catching ontop water this morning, did you? Yeah, really. I think you got ya got got like a frog
biteyeah a little second I would have to say
if there was there was there was asecret a shiner fish and it’s called
waiting well they’re pretty in thatclear water. I don’t even have my glasses on. No big ones yet but they’re decent. there’s usually a this spot here it only
lasts for the morning then they juststop biting here wow this spot and uh
there’s usually you know some fives andsix I mean you always have that
opportunity to get a big one but there’susually at least a five pounder in here
somewherewhoa where’s he yet his way up here by
the front of the boat the one thing theyare doing for you is once you hook them
they’re staying out of the grass thoughyou knowI believe this is a different animal
here I believe. I can’t believe how fast he moved. He came across there like a lightning bolt Ijust want to see you
oh that’s nice one there we go oh thatis going I don’t think he’s that big. That’s a fat joker there. oh yeah sweetOh hold on we got time yeah here you
just peeling the line out. I won’t throw this back though. Where is he? He’s back under your trolling motor.
oh oh ohyeah yeah come up here we got chaos
there we go I’m holding one about fiveand he had one how fast is that fish
going I don’t know. He went around this20-foot boat like it wasn’t even here. He came off. Are you serious? after all that I like to have apicture of this one. give it that buy something
I would say thank you it back to mechunkier than most of your fish look this time of year. Thanks for the ride mr. fishI can’t believe that one came off yeah
that’s this one was probably two and ahalf all right they’re definitely
hitting a free line betterHe’s going to the front of the boat. . . Again!why are they moving so much? I don’t know. Oh that’s not a bad one. I wonder why they’re moving so much?there’s other other fish in there it’s a
competitive type thing I guess. Oh, that’s a good fish, a pretty fish. Did you see? It spooked a gar a couple of feet over. . . we almost caught a. . . we almost had the
wrong kind of double we almost had athat’s a chunk yes look at that
we almost had a bass and an osprey muchthe same time. Not the double. . .
you’ll have to roll it over when they’reon that side of the mouth Oh No so I
have this camera tilted down but thatwas an osprey that just grabbed one of our
shiners. That’s crazy! When they’re onthis side of the mouth because I’m
left-handed I can get them but whenthey’re angled on this side I have a
hard problem you that’s a good threepounder at three and a half probably any
just because of that that belly rightThey’re pretty in that clear water. Yeah. There you go. oh ohsomething come got my shiner over there
looks like. no. The shiner is still with the fishoh they’re so much fun. Well, he’s the
hardest fighting one so far. but he’s not the biggest. He’s still a good fighting fish. Do you want me get him? He’s not too big. He might be too big for a boat flip. He’s bigger than I thought he was. he’s just long right he’s four yeah I
would say wouldn’t you yeah I’m going toshow people I’ve noticed in my footage
that when I’m holding these fish up andI say they’re about four they don’t
because it’s just my hand right herethey look smaller to me they do I don’t
know if nobody’s nobody said anythingbut let’s see how close I am. zero. . . he may
be a little under four. we’ll see herethree pounds, nine ounces.
so he’s three and a half. pretty fish. 3-9, not four pounds. About four years ago my wife bought me a gopro hero3 black formy birthday and I was just wanting to
do a little couple of videos and I wantto do this video where. Oops. Did one get hit? yep. On the bobber back there. They’re all around us. Is he smaller? Yeah. Is he running at the boat? He feels smaller. He may turn it on right here at the boat. He’s trying to dig. Is he trying to get in the motor? Is he in it? Look at it. There went your shiner. Yeah. Little guy. pretty fish.
So, I wanted to do a little video. I had asuction cup mount and I put it on my
Yamaha and I wanted to leave – I had ashell bed where they were on a grass
line off of a shell bed and I wanted todo one shot. . . Me leaving big Toho Marina,
running down, making a cast and catchingone. One cast. I wanted that to be one
whole shot without editing it. and I got it. But, I also wanted the Sun coming
up, and I had this whole vision of what itwas going to look like. And, I took off
running down the lake and went downthere. I didn’t want myself to be looking
back. I didn’t want to edit it. I wantedto do a one shot video. I took off
hauling butt down the lake. . . Oh, there wego. And we’re interrupted. It’s alright. I had just pulled that one out of the grass when he come up and took it. just another one. It’s number 12, or something. There you go. nice. Yeah, so I ran down the lake. It worked perfect. I went to that grassline, through a trick worm out there. Bump. I’m thinking, Man, I can’t believethis is working I catch one about three
and a half pounds put in the water putit in the deal went back and look at the
footage about 15 seconds after I tookoff a giant swamp mosquito couldn’t have
center punched your lens. I mean justsplattered the whole thing was just a
blurry mess. and as I’m running downthe lake you can see those legs going
like this but it ruined my whole sunriseshot you know and so I waited about
another week and did it and I thoughtwell screw this I’m gonna have to do
some editing so I kept looking backlooking back and looking back and I
ended up getting a decent video but ittook me three casts to catch one and it
was the Sun coming up so when I did alittle clip from me stopping and making
a cast it was so much brighter likethree casts later as the Sun was climbing
up. . . I was so mad, though. that works so good with these thingsdoesn’t hurt them at all either because
it’s pushing it away from the barb rightsliding right out. there’s always. . . and not
today. we are out of bait. That didn’t take long, did it?I think that was 14. . . 13 or 14 on two
dozen shiners, which is a really goodaverage. you’re way over 50%. and now
we’re going to go work for them. but I’msure we’ll do fine. No speaking while we’re fishing with artificial lures. Is that a good one? He’s decent. Number 26! That’s not a bad one. He bulldogged you there for a second. Yeah, he did. Where have you been all my life?Need another worm? It’s like the grand finale. Look at that. Schooling Bass. I know they’re all tiny though aren’t
theymaybe I’ll do a how to catch schooling bass video when I figure out how to catchschooling fish. Because, dear Lord. . . Anyway, we’ll catch you guys next time. Chuck Pippin Bass Fishing. Florida Bass fishing guide.

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