Booms Fishing H1 Fishing pliers Stainless Steel Construction can Split Ring and Cutting Line Comes with Coiled Lanyard Blue

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    + Compact & Handy
    6.3 inch long pliers with a auto-open spring are designed for one hand operation and the high quality
    ABS plastic handle gives you a convenient and comfortable grip.

    + Strong & Durable
    Made from 420 stainless steel means it can last seasons of use.

    + Easily Carry
    Comes with a free a belt holder sheath, which is convenient for fishermen to store and use safely.

Key Factors:
  – Material: Stainless steel tips and ABS plastic handle
  – Color: Blue
  – Weight: 0.23 lb
  – Dimension: 6.3*2.1*0.3 inches

What’s in the box:
  1* Stainless Steel Pliers
  1* Belt Holder Sheath
  1* Lanyard

Recent Review:
  — “This product really helped my fishing trip be easier.” by Zapper
  — “Love these pliers, it comes with a cover. Used it almost on every fishing trip i went out on,
     works flawlessly.”
by Vireak M
  — “Wonderful fishing tool, we use it almost daily on my sailing charter boat,would buy again!” by GH
[Within Reach Not Lost] H1 fishing pliers with coiled lanyard, inset wire and sleeve crimped end. Please contact the pliers with holster wear on your belt
[Usable pliers Jaws in Fishing] H1 fishing pliers works as a tool pliers, which can hold objects firmly and crimp shot split lead. It is featured as split ring opener, with which you can repair your lure
[Sharp Cutters with pliers Lock] A fishing pliers design with a sharp line cutter and a small wire cutter, a pliers lock to keep pliers in close when it is not open
[Spring Loaded Small Size] The spring loaded in the handle provide a better operation when it just 6.5 inches small fishing pliers
[Stainless Steel Construction] H1 is basic fishing pliers design for young anglers. So this light pliers cannot afford heavy load. Please use it in freshwater and keep it clean and dry

Smallmouth Bass Fishing for Everyone: How to Catch the Hardest Fighting Fish That Swims

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Discover all the secrets of smallmouth bass fishing!

Catching a smallmouth bass—especially a big one—can be a daunting pursuit for the unprepared. Successful smallmouth bass fishing depends on a variety of factors, including weather, habitat, time of year, type of tackle, and the tactics you decide to use on any given day.

In A Beginner’s Guide to Smallmouth Bass Fishing, lifelong angler Jim Root reveals all the specifics behind achieving success on lake, river, or pond. This comprehensive handbook includes key information about how to identify a smallmouth and where they live. It features specialized chapters on choosing, setting up, and using various rigs, including the Carolina rig, double fluke rig, Texas rig, Petey rig, and many others. Root explains the unique Japanese technique of spybaiting and breaks down deep, medium, and shallow cranks. He offers different tips depending on the season and fishing location, and he even includes a chapter on his top fifty smallmouth destinations.

This book, which features 150 color photographs, is the perfect gift for anyone eager to learn all the tips and tricks of smallmouth bass fishing—in winter, spring, summer, or fall.

Paracord Grenade Survival Kit (50pc) Ultimate Be Prepared for Emergency Disaster First Aid Travel Pod | 65 ft 550 Parachute Cord and Bracelet for Camping Hiking Hunting Fishing Boating by Prep2Go

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: We use premium type III para cord…rated 550+ pound with 7 triple strands (21 yarns). Other will say 550 lb but really mean 350 lb. Ours is SGS LAB TESTED at 552 lbs. The extra strength carabiner further give you the TOUGHEST & most MULTIFUNCTIONAL kit of its kind to get you out of a jam!
(2) MORE FIRST AID GEAR Your child is better prepared for the unexpected injury. Our EDC has (1)antibiotic ointment for cut treatment, (1)2×2″ gauze, (1)pad to kill germs, (2)cotton balls, (2)rubber bands, (1)bandage making Use paracord for a tourniquet or to support a broken limb and still get to safety in the wild.
(3) WATER PURIFICATION TABLETS makes even murky water drinkable. Don’t need doomsday prepper zombie apocalypse fire skills to boil water and prevent dehydration and death.
(4) CUSTOM FIRESTEEL SCRAPER: Other kits give you a scalpel knife as a scraper to make sparks. Why risk cutting your hand? We provide a very safe scraper tool designed for starting fires easily.
(5) 450 FEET CORDAGE makes building a shelter much easier! You’ll be able to tie more branches and foliage together(65″x7 strands=450′ mooring cord). Your refuge will be more secure leaving you extra rope for other essential survivalist jobs like making traps snares for food.
(6) WIRESAW lets you build bigger/longer lasting distress fires because you can cut down bigger tree branches to burn. Build 3 fires so search and rescue aircraft, firemen, police, sas see your SOS.
(7) LARGE BRACELET: usmc veterans love the King Cobra with extra cordage when trekking from base camp.
(8) LOUD WHISTLE gets your cry for help heard in the forest w/o tiring your voice.
(9) COMPASS gets a reliable bearing.
(10) LED LIGHT for night trek and morse code signals.
BE SAFE & GET YOUR’S TODAY!..Click ADD TO CART NOW!EXCEPTIONAL!…***INTRODUCTORY PRICE***Prep2Go is AMAZON TOP RATED BRAND (One kit ranked #48 of 22,000,000 Products) Life throws curve balls. An earthquake, tornado or hurricane can quickly put you or a family member in a crisis situation where simple tools can save your life. Whether hiking, backpacking, camping, rock climbing or packing your bug out bag, now you can build a fire, catch food and make a shelter in an emergency!
CRITICAL!…WILL NOT FAIL WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST! Designed for NASA thermal blanket retains 90% body heat; prevents shock-hypothermia; Keeps you warm and alive during the cold night. With this large, quick deploy, reusable waterproof & windproof mylar rescue blanket you don’t need Boy Scout shelter building skills. So even the urban backpacker adventurer has a fighting chance to live another day in open hostile terrain or extreme conditions w/o survivorman skills like Les Stroud or Bear Grylls.
EXCITING!…STUFFED WITH HAND PICKED LIFE-SAVING TOOLS. Don’t be stuck with less tools when chaos strikes! Our 50 Piece (5″x 4″) kit has EXTRAS: 65+ feet all weather mildew resistant cord, survival blanket, H2O purification tabs, compass, whistle, gauze, LED light, antibiotic cream, never miss flint striker, 5000 deg. Ferrocerium ferro firesteel, tinder, knife, tin foil, trapping wire, shrimp lure, sterile pad, cotton balls, needle, storage zip bags, safety pins, bands, altoids like tin box.
UNIQUE!…MILITARY TOUGH CRAFTMANSHIP. Strong enough to save you out of a ditch. Must pass (2) quality inspections. BOY SCOUT TESTED & ultralight weighing less than 1 lb. Easily attaches to belt, back pack or go bag. COMPACT & PORTABLE for outdoor adventures: Store in car glove box, camper, boat, truck. The we bracelet we supply winds twice around an average man’s wrist. All tools fit neatly in custom water proof metal box. Great gift for even the less tactical outdoorsman.
TRUSTED!…LIFETIME WARRANTY & 100% Money back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you don’t absolutely love your kit, then simply return it for a hassle-free, no questions asked refund. It’s that easy. So CLICK ‘ADD TO CART’ now and get yours today!

1 Pcs 4.4in 1.4oz Popper Fishing Topwater Lures Crankbaits Big Laser Body Artificial Baits For Saltwater Fishing Treble Hooks Hard Plastic Lure Color Blue

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Item Features:
Popper fishing lures with vivid 3D eyes’ and lifelike swimming action easily provoke predator to bite.
Durable ABS material, odor free, environmentally friendly, and impact-resistant.
With 2 treble hooks, very piercing and durable.
Suitable for shallow water, wonderful fishing tool for fishing lovers.
Style: Popper hard lure
Color: Multicolor
Material: ABS
1.Style: Popper hard lure Item length: Approx. 12cm /4.4in Item weight: Approx. 41g / 1.4oz (each)
2.Color: Multicolor
3.Material: ABS
4.Item length: Approx. 12cm /4.4in

5. Item weight: Approx. 41g / 1.4oz (each)

JSHANMEI 10 Pieces 10cm Glow in Dark Luminous Tail Squid Jigs Fishing Lures Shrimp Prawn Tackle Hooks

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Quantity: 10pcs/lot
Material: Plastic and Steel Hook.
Built-in Swivel to the Lures Head to Reduce Line Twist.
Ideal for Squid Fishing.
Luminous Tail, 3D Eyes.
Size: 2.5#/10cm (Pack of 10)
5 Colors: red,blue,green,orange,pink
Needle Sharp Stainless Steel Squid Hooks
Luminous Tail, Bright Color to Attact Big Fishes
Enjoy Your Fishing with Our Products!

Mens Bass Fishing Shirt Top Water Frog For Largemouth Bass Fishin XL Black

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Every Bass Angler loves a good top water bite! This shirt shows your love for bass fishing. Cool design for all Fisherman. See all our custom fishing shirts for men and women by clicking the Blue link above titled “Black Fly Creations”.Pro Bass Shirt Bass Fishing Tshirts Largemouth Bass Fishing Shirt Top Water Frogs, Frog Fishing, Topwater Lures, Smallmouth Bass Shirt
Pro Top Water Frog for Bass, Funny Fishing Shirts for Men Women, Popper Frog, Pop-R Top Water Lures, Fishing Shirt For Bass Anglers
Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem