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2017 Road to the Bassmaster College Series National Championship

Ninety of the best collegiate student/angler bass fishing teams representing 59 of the nation’s universities will meet for the 2017 Carhartt Bassmaster College Series National Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops on Minnesota’s Lake Bemidji. Here are some of the top catches from this year’s regionals.
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IKE LIVE – Ish Monroe & Keith Poche Bass Fishing Tournament Fight

What do you think about this recent BASS disqualification?

At the recent BASS Open tournament, while entering the lock, Keith Poche struck fellow Elite Series Angler Ish Monroe’s boat. Words were exchanged, tempers flared and what some described as a struggle, others as a fight, others still as a unfortunate loss of balance, resulted in both anglers in the lake. Both anglers were disqualified from the tournament for unsportsmanlike conduct, or conduct unbecoming of a professional bass fisherman/angler. The police were made aware of the altercation.

This is a clip from the from the first segment of the Jan 26th Ike Live Fishing Talkshow, watch the entire show, which also includes Joe Sancho & Chad Morganthaler at

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Exploring New Locations For Smallmouth Bass

In this video decided to go to a new location in search for some Smallmouth Bass. Unfortunately there are not many spots near me that contain these beautiful fish.

Location: Shaver Lake, CA

Weather: Cloudy

Water Temperature: 42 Degrees

Outside Temperature: 48 degrees

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Catching BIG Winter Bass! Winter Bass Fishing Lake Anna

First and foremost, HUGE thanks to Mr. Deeds for getting me out on Lake Anna. While it’s infamous for being a tough fishery, he was able to put us on a solid limit, and numbers yesterday. I owe all of the fish I caught to him.
Winter has always been a tough season for me, and I’ve had 1 unsuccessful trip out on the river so far this year. Going into today with no bass, we had to get one in the boat….and we did a bit more than that.
The wind was brutal all day. 18-25mph winds from the moment we launched until we got off the water. Temps ranged from 41-45, and we focused on fishing channel breaks, points, and secondary points with super deep water nearby. There were many times the boat was in 40+ feet.
The winter bass were feeding on alabama rigs, jerkbaits, (whisper jig but we can’t tell anyone that), shakey heads, and spinnerbaits.


How KVD Catches Big Bass Fishing Crankbaits – VanDam

Want to learn how Basshead KVD (Kevin VanDam) catches bass while fishing crankbaits to win so many professional bass fishing tournaments? For a limited time, try Bass University TV free for 10 days at and watch this full 1hr 9min in-depth seminar (and 250+ other videos) which will teach you how to catch bass cranking and how to select the right equipment (deep diving & squarebill crankbaits, rod, reel, fluorocarbon line, etc.) VanDam will teach you everything from selecting the right fiberglass composite cranking rod ( to what electronics he uses to locate schools of bass ( KVD will teach you how line size, bill shape, rod composite, current, etc. effect your bait and using your electronics, positioning your boat and other overlooked factors will help you use a crankbait to put more bass in the boat on your next fishing trip.


The winners! Maine’s Fish Friendly ice shacks get new homes

“I won the shack?” Sen. Tom Saviello said Monday when he got the call. “I won the shack!” Sen. Saviello (R-Franklin) and Ben Starrett of Topsham, each won a Fish Friendly Ice Shack in a raffle to benefit Maine’s fish and other aquatic creatures. In an odd twist of fate, Starrett’s father, John, was one of the volunteers who built the ice shacks.
“I am very happy,” Ben Starrett said. “And I’m sure Dad will be very happy as well.”
Maine’s Fisheries Improvement Network (FIN), an alliance of forest landowners and managers, federal and state fisheries managers, sponsored the raffle and non-governmental organizations determined to improve Maine’s fisheries. Proceeds will be used to upgrade snowmobile stream crossings to improve fish passage and habitat connectivity. Snowmobile trails can impact stream crossings and fragment habitat just as roads do.