One-Boat Challenge – Episode 4: The Big One

Good morning everybody
and welcome to the last dayof the One-Boat Challenge. This is what we’ve been
waiting for, the showdown,between our final teams. Before we get this party started,I have a special guest
to introduce you to. Go ahead and bring him in. – Who is this?Holy cow. – Grand entrance. – All right. – Yeah Willie!- Willie got the helicopter. Welcome back Willie. – Now, you guys, you didn’t thinkyou were just gonna get rid
of me that easy now, did ya?- No we didn’t. – You know me better than that now. You know me better than that. I called in some reinforcements. – Always willing to help a friend. You guys thought you had
it licked at this point. We coming for you. As you can see guys,this challenge is far from over. In the first challenge,you’ll be facing off
against a familiar opponent,Willie Young, he’ll be joined by the manwith the most wins in bass
fishing history, Kevin VanDam,for a battle for the biggest fish. If you guys win, you’ll get an advantagefor the second challenge of the day. If you lose, Willie will
get his sweet revengeand Kevin get yet another win. To spice things up, we’re
switching your boats up. So we know this is all about fishing,not about those waypoints
you’ve been saving all weekon your Humminbird’s. So good luck. Let’s go to war. – Game on boys. – All right, you’re going down. – Game on. – Kevin Van who? – Alright, so there’s
this old superstitionthat saltwater guys have
that bananas are bad luck. Some guys won’t even fishif there’s bananas on their boat. So I say we go fill the
other boats with bananas,tackle lockers, everything. – Yeah. – And let’s freak them out. – Exactly. – Dude, there’s bananas everywhere dude. Yo, did you guys put these on our boat?- No. – You guys have bananas in your boat?- Let’s eat a banana while
we catch the biggest fish. – Do you believe in that s***?- Absolutely not, in fact,I’m gonna catch a bass on that today. – Put the banana right in his mouth man. – Here I’ll take one, I don’t
care about superstition. – Let’s not mess with bananas Tyler. We’re gonna stay away from that. – Let’s not. – Lines in 10:15. – We’re just looking for a big fish,we only have 90 minutes, so. – Exactly. – Let’s do it. – We got one minute though. – That’s the no looker. – Today I’m fishing a KVD Perfect Plastic. Look at all that jewelry. – I think it’d be awesome
if we could come down hereand beat the best in the world. – All the times we been around each other,and even on the water,and we hadn’t been in
the same boat together. – Right. – How about that, isn’t that crazy?- Yeah that’s crazy.
How longs it been now,since about 2010, what about nine years?- You come for Thanksgiving. – But you know,
– Ask this guy if he’s
got any big bass for sale?- Can we buy a bass? No. Do you wanna go catch one, I’ll buy it?- Kevin’s style is to fish
muy rapido. – It’s all about speed, efficiency. – He hits spot after spot after spot. He knows pretty quick
if there’s a fish there. – On the move boys. – No wind, this is like the
worst fishing conditions ever. No wind and hot. – This time of the day,
typically, more often than not,they’re gonna be hunkered
down on some deeper structure. – Oh dude, I see fish on 360 Imaging. – That’s where that MEGA
Imaging would be really,I would give anything to have
my boat with Down Imaging,MEGA Imaging, Side Imaging, MEGA 360. I mean, here you’re gonna see
everything under the waterthat you can’t see with your eyes. – Let’s go. – All right, hey, you can
see that fish right there,being drug in, and a bunch of
his buddies are following him. There’s about six fish with
that fish on the screen. – F*** bananas, I know it. – The bananas. – Oh my God. – Hey, hey, not a bad one. I wanna cast right where you where. Free man, okay, not a big one. – There’s a biggin. Better. – You know what really
makes me angry actually?Is the fact that I have Kevin’s faceevery time I pull out a package,
so I’m just gonna go aheadand tear this bag up. – Oh. – It’s like a voodoo doll, he felt that. – Know what I just did to Kevin?- What?- I just bit his head off. – Oh, oh, did I get you?- You think?- I think I got you. – You got me. – Did I do that?- You feel that Kevin?- Took the head off of a legend. – Put him in the well!Put him in the well!- He’s not big, but he’s a fish. – Biggin. – Good one?
– Yep. – Definitely. – Think it’s bigger. – Fish on, good one too. – Say no more. – Let’s make a really ballsy move. – 15 Minutes?- F*** yeah. Just run across the lake. Five casts, the big fish
spot where we caught ’emand we’re gonna get one. – Yeah, it’s a big fish. – Oh, it is a big fish. Oh no, not a big one. – It’s not. – Hope this works man. – Hook it up, nice!- One minute, to go. – Get the net, get the f*** net. Get to the man. – Shut up, oh my God. – Last cast, one minute left to go. The saga continues, the
Charlie and Seth show. Yes!- Big bass challenge
over, with no big bass. – I’m not ready to quit
fishing though, how about you?- No, no, that’s been the
problem for the last three days. – This is incredible. We’ll see you at the scales. All right guys,
welcome back to the beach. Looks like you all
completed the challenge. Everyone got a fish. Kevin, how where the
conditions out there today?- With those high bright sky’sand no wind when we first went out,it was a little bit tough,but we finally got it
dialed in there at the end. Well, it’s the
moment of truth guys,let’s weigh these fish. – Oh boy. – How’d he hook that?- That is a six six. – The suspense. How do you hook that?- Two three. – So you got us by a little bit. Our biggest was a five thirteen. All right, Seth,
Charlie, that means you will getan advantage for the second challenge. Congratulations. Mike, Tyler, I got nothing for you men. – You’re on the greatest
bass lake in the planet. Anything can happen. – All right guys, this is it. You’ve made it to the final
round of the One-Boat Challenge. We’ve hidden clues all over the lake. First clue should be easy to spot,but the rest I promise are a lot tougher. You’ll need to use your fishing skillsand your technology on
the One-Boat Networkto locate and complete the task at hand. First team to do so, will be crownedthe first ever One-Boat Challenge Championand will have earned $10,000to the fishing charities of their choice. So good luck and your
time starts right now. – Right up here. The
last challenge begins. – Talon down. – Talon down. On this lake, there’s no
limit to what you might find. – Catch seven pounds of bass,then open this dry bag for your next clue. – If you just defeated
Willie and KVD, my man,you only need to catch
5 pounds to move on. There we go. We got a two-pound advantage dude. – I’ll put this unit in standby
and you just run the 360. – Based on where we’re at,this could take a very
short amount of time,or this could go very quickly. – Spot-Locked up. – Yep, we’re Spot-Locked. – Let’s get this over with. – Got him?- Yeah. – Nice. – Here we go, here we go. Good fish. – Two point two. – Nine and a quarter ounces. We need a bigger fish than that man. – Yeah I know, that’s the problem. – There you go, nice and
easy, just swing him in. One pound, two ounces. – Got him. – Nice, good job.
– Yes!- Don’t wait for me man. – I’m still fishing. – One more of those and we’re done. – Too tense, too tense, you gotta chill. – We gotta move faster here. – Oh, there we go, good double. – Good, good, good. Okay okay.
– There we go. This ones a little bigger too.
– Bigger, okay. – Yep, yep. – Got it. This is over 5, so just
get ready to run dude. – A little bit bigger, maybe not?- One pound thirteen ounces,so that’s five pounds, thirteen ounces. We’re good to go. – Come on fish, come on. – She overlooks what you see, she. – Is that a f*** riddle?- Come on, man. – Double trouble. – Ten ounces. Oh goodness.
– There we go. – We’re not gonna sit right here,there’s nothing overlooking. There’s a big overlook
over there, the church. – Yeah. – Yes, good, good, good. – Nice
– Only one more. Let’s go Mike, come on. – Freeing it. Seven pounds, all right,
let’s get out of here. – Let’s go. – She overlooks what you see. She over, oh, the island,that has the house on it. It’s back there. – That’s it. Let’s go.
– We gotta go back. – Let’s go, let’s go. – I’m like a damn billy goat, Seth. – I’m moving Charlie, I’m moving. – Here you go, bud. We’re fat, old, out of shape. – But we can fish. It’s your time to sink and swim. Your final target is the name of the game. Scan the water using
MEGA from here to shore. – Scan the— There’s a mask. Maybe it’s on the GPS chips. – We got it. Let’s get on up here homie. Got the bag. Wow. There she is. – I see a nice fish
right there, by the way. – So we see fish,we’re looking for something
else per the clue. – Okay, so we’re on an island, so— To the shore, yeah. – We have shore all around us. – I’m looking, I’m looking. It’s right here. There’s a boat, right here. Look, Charlie, here it is. Dude, what’s that?There it is, there it is. Get it, get it, get it. – You’ve come this far, dive deep,then release the carabiner
to cease the victory. – Seth and Charlie are up there. It’s gotta be between us and them. – Charlie, here it is. – Yes. – That’s not good. – I think they found it. – You know what? In case they didn’t,let’s keep looking, but
that doesn’t sound good. – I think they’re hugging each other,so either they’ve fallen madly in love–I’m feeling a little emotional Tyler too. I think we did a good job in
this tournament, but that’s it. Alright, looks like Seth
and Charlie are our winners. You guys are the first ever
One-Boat Challenge Champions. You’ve just won $10,000 which
will go to your charities,Captains for Clean Waterand the Coastal Conservation Association. – You know what’s unbelievable
about that whole thing. We met in the airport
on the way down here,and I looked at this kid and I go,oh s***, I hope I’m
not partnered with him. – That’s right. – And the next thing you
know we’re boat mates. – That’s right. – And the next thing you
know we just start laughingand having a great time. I wanna thank Humminbird,Minn Kota for putting
the equipment together. And Vexus delivered
everything we expected it to. – Oh man. – Big shout-out to Billy
Chapman for allowing usto come down to El Salto
Mexico International. Some of the most incredible
bass fishing in the worldand we would like to
try and figure out a wayto get some of that
charity money down hereto help some of the local fishing familiesthat support this wonderful lodgeand we got to look at
some of the buildingsand schools and churches,and we’re looking forward
to helping that grow. But we gotta say right now,it’s awesome to be a champ. Guys you didn’t take the win,but it must have been a great experience. How was it?- It was awesome, incredible experience,really happy to compete
against Seth and Charlie,and everybody here, and
we came up a little shortin the last one but
still had a great time. – Yeah, it was awesome
and just to know that,like $10,000 is going to help fishing growacross the world is just an
awesome thing to think about,so congrats to you guys,
it was an awesome time. – Thank you. – Awesome fishing with you guys. Well guys the show may be over,but the battle continues
on your lake and any lake,where Humminbird and Minn Kota dominate. We’ll see you next time,right here on the One-Boat Challenge.

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