Northern Pike Fishing in Canada

Canada has been home to some of the largest Northern Pike Fish caught especially in the last couple years. When visiting Canada or just simply being a resident of Canada you can do some of the best fishing in your entire life. In 2005 one of the largest Pikes was caught with it length measuring up to 50 inches and making for a 30 pound trophy. What a catch!

Canadian Northern Pike happen to be some of the largest and most aggressive fish that can be caught in America. The fish caught here can weigh in at 20 pounds while the trophy catches have been known to weigh in at 30 pounds. Making sure the you fish with only the best equipment is the best way to go when fishing in Canada.

You should make sure to choose stout tackle, heavy bait casting rods are the best choice that are 6′ to 8′. Big spinning or open face bait casting reels can be the best choice to make when fishing. You may also want to make sure to purchase stout wire to make sure that there is a less chance of your line breaking.

When fishing for Pike in Canada finding the best spot is essential to catching the perfect fish. These types of fish like to stay in shallow water in the spring, deeper and weedier parts in the summer and you may find them in both types of water in the fall. Usually the best place to find the fish (the best ones) is usually in running water.

If you are looking to catch the biggest fish you will want to make sure that you have the biggest best bait possible. Having bait that can run up a quarter of the fishes length usually make for the biggest catch. Sometimes if looking for one of the monsters you can try using the Liquid Power Bait. It has been said the using frogs as bait has been able to help also.

Pike fishing in Northern Canada can yield you some of the biggest fish possible. Making sure to fish in the right areas and times of the season can also be a big help when wanting to catch the biggest and best Pike. You should also make sure to have the best gear that money can buy. Canada also offers some of the biggest fish trip packages that you can find, so maybe a well deserved vacation fishing is all you need. You never know if you could be the next to catch the big one! Pike fishing in Canada is known to be one of the best fishing experiences of a fishermans life.

Source by Martin Brinkmann

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