Minn Kota Ultrex – Bass Elite Testimonials

I was the first guy last year to win a
tournament using my Ultrex trollingmotor we fished up at La Crosse
Wisconsin on the Mississippi River andin that event I used Spot-Lock a whole
lot that particular week holding myselfin current right below a spillway on the
dam making precise cast with a swim baitto catch the winning fish that week
since then I’ve had this trolling motorfor over a year now and I have found an
application after application where ithelps me put more bass in the boat. I
honestly don’t know what I would dowithout it now because it’s such a
natural habit for me to roll up to thespot get lined up hit Spot-Lock and then
I’m able to stand there with two feet soI’m safer very rarely do I ever have to
use my seat anymore. I see guys out thereevery day fishing these tournaments and
I see that the guys that don’t have Ultrex’sand it’s messed up because they’ll
catch a fish call and they’ll be like ahundred yards down even today I saw it
two or three times or guys caught fishor had to re-tie you know get your pliers
and re-tie a knot and all of a sudden your100 feet off your spot. The key for
me is to hook that fish I move around onspots I’ll hook the fish soon as I do
I’m hitting Spot-Lock and I’m looking tothe bank I’m trying to find exactly
where I’m throwing since I get that fishin the boat if I can make another cast
immediately I can hook up againI caught 25 pounds in 45 minutes the
first day of the tournament and I nevertouched the trolling motor not once I
don’t think anything’s had this type ofimpact on bass fishing in many years
because we fish lakes that had currenthigh high winds you couldn’t hold the
boat there with this it’s a game changer!

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