Minecraft Fish Farm 1.13 – Best AFK Fish Farm Design!

Minecraft Fish Farm 1.13 Best (NEW) Fish Farm Design: in this video we take a look at the new docm AFK fish farm design with a couple of design tweaks to also make this simple Minecraft Fish Farm 1.13 design look good too!

This is the best AFK fish farm design I have run across by far both because this fish farm is easy to build and only requires about 5 or 6 items, but also because of the insane loot that you can get from a Minecraft fish farm including enchanted books, enchanted items like fishing rods and bows as well as fish, name tags, lily pads and even the new nautilus shells!

This Minecraft Fish Farm 1.13 tutorial will walk you through exactly what you need to easily build the best fish farm design in MInecraft so far. In fact one of the best things about an AFK fish farm aside from the loot you get is the insane amount of XP you can rack up while you are away! Use this reliable Minecraft Fish Farm 1.13 design to get XP, fix your mending gear and tools and use it to level up your game!

In this Minecraft Fish Farm 1.13 AFK fish farm tutorial video I also show you how to setup the options and keyboard to go AFK (away from keyboard) so the game works and you keep collecting loot from your AFK fish farm without even being at your computer or console!

Best Minecraft Fish Farm 1.13 Design – thank you to docm77 for this new 1.13 Minecraft fish farm design tutorial! Here is a link to his video if you want to check out the original design video and to hear his thoughts on this simple AFK fish farm for 1.13

This docm AFK fish farm design is server friendly because it is completely vanilla with no redstone at all! In fact this was built on The Reef server and this simple Minecraft Fish Farm 1.13 design from docm works great! The previous 1.12 fish farm design was also server friendly using only one piece of redstone but this simple fish farm design is even easier to build. I found that this Minecraft 1.13 AFK fish farm design was more reliable to use AFK and does not break, even when the chest and hopper fills up with items.

The Reef is sponsored by Mt Olympus! If you want to start your own survival adventure, be sure to log onto play.mtolympus.online for a fun and family friendly experience!

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Of all the Minecraft Fish Farm 1.13 designs out there, this is by far the very best simple 1.13 AFK fish farm with the most reliable output and performance while away from keyboard.

We hope you enjoyed this MInecraft 1.13 AFK fish farm tutorial on the best fish farm design for the MInecraft 1.13 update! If you did, please leave a like on the video and consider subscribing to our channel for more fun adventures and helpful tutorials!

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