Megastrike Shaky2 Head | Bass Fishing

Hey, how are you doing?I’m Bobby Uhrig, president of MegaStrike Fishing
Products. We’re here at ICAST, where the biggest and
greatest manufacturers of fishing tackle inthe world come to showcase their products. What we’re doing this year, we’re bringing
out a brand new product. Everybody knows our original Shaky2 head. It’s unlike any other shaky head in the business. It’s not like a regular shaky head with a
round ball head jig that hits the bottom andactually falls over on its side, causing the
baits to look unnatural. What our shaky head does is it lands on the
bottom, no matter what bait is on there, andit’ll keep that bait vertical rather than
looking unnatural on the bottom of the lakeor pond that you’re fishing. Any time that you can get a bait vertical,
you’re gonna get more strikes, guaranteed. So what we did, we had huge demand for this,
we sell hundreds of thousands of these shakyheads. This year at ICAST we are introducing the
new Shaky2 head, with an EWG, extra-wide gaphook for real big baits. So what we need to do is we use them for the
tube baits. Anything that has a lot of bulk to it, not
like the worms. It’ll have more bulk and more bite it it. So I want to show you how these baits land
in the water. These are brand new, of course, available
at Tackle Warehouse and other retailers. OK, so what we’re going to do is we’re going
to show you how even with lizards, tubes,mega bugs, even grubs. How do you throw these in the water?I’ll guarantee you that every one of these
stand up perfectly every time they go fromyour line into the water. Ready?There’s one. There’s two. There’s three. And there’s four. No matter how you throw them or cast them
into the water, they’re always going to landwith their nose down and their bodies up. Just like this little mega bug here. It’ll always land in the upright position. They have that fulcrum on there so they’re
going to roll any bait that you have vertical,rather than looking unnatural laying on their
sides. OK. This is Bobby from MegaStrike. Remember www. MegaStrike. com. Tackle Warehouse carries our product. Thanks BassResource. Have a great day on the water.

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