Megastrike Saltwater Pro-Shak E2 (Screw Lock) Shakey Head Jig, Pack of 4 (1/4-Ounce, Chart/White)

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Finesse Fishing will never be the same with our new advanced stabile football head. Finesse fishing a small worm or craw on light line allows you to focus on finicky non aggressive bass. MegaStrike Inc. invented the most unique design to come along to “Shakey head” fishing since it started. We call it the e2 Shakey head. MegaStrike incorporated their award winning technology of the Evolution Jig to the head. ( “e2” for EVOLUTION) What we have done is develop the most universal shaky head ever designed. The head lands the correct way every time you use the bait. There is a fulcrum on the bottom of the bait which is a balancing point. What that does is hydro dynamically balance the head. The e2 Shakey Head lands on that fulcrum every time . It keeps the bait in an upright position and keeps the nose down and the tail up off the bottom. There is a counter balance head which allows the bait to roll forward every time the bait is moved. In place of a typical ball shaped head in the front, MegaStrike’s New e2 Shakey Head has incorporated a football style head to give it even more stability from falling over on its side. MegaStrike’s e2 Shakey Head is the first to offer a dual rigging system so the angler can rig the bait exposed hook (for open water situations) and weedless for fishing the heaviest and thickest cover. The New e2 Shakey Head is powder coated NOT painted for fishing around rocky conditions. We offer Mustad Ultra-point hooks for Sharpness-strength and durability. We recessed the eye of the hook into the head of the bait to decrease the heads snagging ability.The e2 Shakey head has two keeper collars. One collar to thread soft baits onto the jig hook shank as in traditional exposed hook jig fishing. The second keeper collar lets you rig baits weedless (aka shakey jig style) when snags are present.
Powder Coated finish stands up to tough conditions.
Can be rigged either weedless, or exposed.

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