Making a FROG Sandwich – Catch n’ Cook Bullfrogs!

What is going on guys ‘Today we are fishing which I know is a shocker to most of you. It’s beautiful day outLook how high and bright the Sun isI reallly love poop“It’s a very warm outSo we are doing some trout fishing in creeks and also though usually when the sun’s out like this frogs are out as wellSo I am going fishing about me. Keep an eye out for some frogs I could catch andI don’t know. Maybe we’ll leave it eat some frogs. LaterBut check out a new spot that I have not I have not looked at this spot of the creek in like a yearSo let’s check this out. See if there any fish in it. Look how clear the water isSpringfed creeks. Oh wait latelyYep, there’s a trap. I see a small one small one. Just swim by that’s a good sign. OhAnother frog there are frogs all over all menThis is going to be there’s another frog frogs all overHere Oh tons of them those two were kind of smallAll right, I’m gonna get rigged up here plenty of frogs. Hopefully in this clear water. It’ll be some troutSo the World Cup is going on right nowAnd I was trying to decide todaySoccer or fishing soccer or fishing it was a tough choiceBut I decided to go fishing. Look at that aLittle tiny frog IThis is alunker huntpocket frog and I got it at Walmart actually right before I came here because frogs areNotorious cannibals and so I’m gonna try to use this little plastic frog to catch some frogsAlright guys, so right over there there’s a rock and there are two frogs sitting right on the rockThey’re not super big. But let’s see if we can if this worksThat one’s like flicking his legs IDon’t know if he’s look he’s gonna try to grab it. Oh, he’s grabbed it he ate it got him. OhNo, no, no Lou, oh he got away he got awayDanubeThat was crazyThis is crazy guys. Alright, so there’s another one right thereGosh went right over he’s that’s a big fraud for him to be tried to be eatenGot him. Yes. Oh, he’s a little small. He looked bigger and far awayGot him though. HmmOhNo, you don’t don’t you know, he’s kind of smallHe’s kind of small. So I’m just gonna let him actually get away there. All right, that’s no big deal. IGotta find some bigger ones because I tried eating one that size before if you guys watch my channelI try to eat one that size and their dishes not a lot of meat on them, but that is so crazythey’re just gobbling up this little plastic frogGuys, check it out. There’s a golden trout right down thereJust using that atlas best bite salmon eggsWhich if you guys watch my channel I carry around with me on all my trout fishing adventuresLet’s see if he’ll bite itI got one it’s a tiny tiny guy thoughLittle tiny troutUse him for baitSturgeon baityou know, I am gonna do I’m actually gonna kill this guy because he’sActually, I’m gonna use him first sturgeon bait. Literally. That’s a big hook for a trout this small to eat andHe swallow. I don’t know how he got that that far down in his mouth, but he didIf I don’t use him today, I’ll definitely use him for sturgeon. LaterThat’s not the size we’re looking forAll right, guys, this is try number three. We got three little salmon eggs on right thereLet’s see that golden child go for itWhoa, I got got one. Well, I didn’t even knowBut he ate it sir swimming upstream so I didn’t know oh man that’s a nice eater right thereNot bad wasn’t the I was watching the golden trout and my line was swimming upriver. Look at thatThere we go a little bit dirty, but heyThere’s no size limit around here about a 12 inch or let’s kill him real quick. Put him on the iceBeautiful rainbow troutGonna be excellent eating. Let’s get him the cooler. Well, that is good that I got a little lunchumAnd so I don’t think that golden trout is gonna bite he’s too was too wiseI’ve actually seen that a lot before but I only catchlike a run out of everySeven golden trout. I see it was there actually aren’t called. There aren’t actually golden trout to call follow me. No trap butDon’t know they seem a little bit smarter than the average trout or somethingor maybe they’re just picking out a note but I’m gonna keep moving down his Creek and I’m gonna try to find I gotta finda good size flaw to go with this trout youKnow what so there’s a weed patch right over thereI see one two three four frogs one of them just his head is sticking out but it looks like he’s a good sizeOh he missed it, it’s like he missed it. Hey youNo, no, no, no not the little guy I don’t the little guy crapYeah, that’s a that’s definitely a keeper size right there, oh he’s got itHe’s eating itOkay, I’m gonna let him I can still see the frog on the outside of his mouth. I want him to eat it moreHey, there we go. Look this is a good-sized one got himLook at that now that is a eaten size frog right there. Look at that guy’s big four big frog on alittle tiny frogThat is sweetIsn’t that a toadYeah, he’s not very fast and he was dried outThat’s cool, thoughYeah, he’s like warty on the backHey, he’s a little bit of a slow swimmerI’ll be unique toads. Not that I would eat that guys kind ofKind of cute I guessAlright see frogs all over on those matsOver there see people in some big oneWhoo Oh, Digga, Digga DiggaShoot got off. There is no hesitation with these frogs. I mean, none noneThey either good was ohYou said try to eat that little God you tried to eat that little fault, oh man, these guys are vicious Ineed straight-up viciousGot him. OhWhy do I keep doing that I’m not really hooking up there he goesDid you guys see that though? I mean he tried to turn it and eat that little oneHas itStellalunaHey what it’s like a circus goofilyHey look that people don’t leave that keeps picking it up keep going for itSwallowed itYes, no almost hey you you’ve no chance over there you don’t got himThis is a good-sized one again, yesDidn’t even have to hook him. They have really soft mouths. So I’m a little bit too. I don’t careI don’t care for hooking them. If I if I can help it lookTwo sturgeon laying right down in thereWith all those little chowder and that’s why the sturgeon surviving these creeps if you watch my videos I CreekSturgeon fishing the reason why they survive and there’s all those little trout swimming aroundthe trout eventually die and frogs die and everything else that happens andSome get as big as seven and a half feetThere you eatOhOne try to keep that little oneOh, obviouslyOh we got off again, this is funny this is funnyTo give you a little competitionThere we go, ohLook it hooked around his footThere we go. Well, you just tied around his toe. Actually that’s crazy. The line just tied around his toeThere we go another nice frog three times took three times to get him, but this is a fat one right hereI’m gonna have to get that second cooler cuz this one is a they’re running out of room in thereThree frogs and one trout already and it’s it’s like 1 o’clock in the afternoon right now guys, so that is pretty sweetI actually was planning on catching my lunch today. So I’m glad there are a lot of things outBiting so let’s find a little spot and let’s cook up some frogsSo I found this nice little picnic table here. Do these big trees? It’s rather warm out todayThis is where I cook up my lunchSo for this next part here, I’m gonna clean the frogs so if you’re a little bit squeamish you might want to skip thisskip this partAlright, so after watching a video on how to prepare frogs from a by a guy that was from the south. IFigured these southerners really know what you’re doing when it comes to frogs. So quickest way to kill these buggersHere we go skin it up goodSee if there’s anything in the guts ohI think this might have been a female because look at all the egg. I think I think those might be eggs. Dang it. Ohwell, I thought thatHuh? I was hoping they do is fat because it has something in the stomach, but it’s not it’s because it’s a female I thinkPretty sure those are eggsThat’s interesting though this frog hasIt has a little bits of crawdadin its stomachHuh? I didn’t know frogs would eat crawdads actually. Yeah, look that’s those are eggs right thereI think that’s so weird because it’s late like it’s toward the end of June andNormally, they have their babies by now. So I don’t know maybe some some animals that have like eggs, and I’m all year-roundSo maybe that’s what it is. I usually don’t like to keep like femaleLike things if I can help it, you know, sometimes you can’t help it and in the end, it’s not really thatthat big a deal, but if you can you cannot keep the females ofCreatures or just helps them I was there to be that many more of them. Not that we have a frogdeficit around here, but you know what I’m saying allRightThere we are guys all three frogs cleaned now, they are ready for the frying pan. IDon’t want anybody from down south laughing. All right. These are good size frogs for around hereYou guys have some piece I’ve seen some videosGuys are holding up. I mean, it’s like footlong frogs. I mean just huge frog legsBut this is the best we got here in the Pacific Northwestactually there they’re probably ponds and stuff with bigger ones, butThere’s a lot of smaller ones here. Okay. So for this I’m gonna start up my little portablegrill here like usual or stove not a grill, soBoomGot some olive oil herePut some oil in thereLike so I’m gonna take these frog legsWhile my oil is heating up and just stick them in this plastic bagYeah, I put a couple in there at onceLike so I should probably dip them in buttermilk or something, but I didn’t bring any of thatWith me. Alright, that’s kind of creepy. Look how the legs are moving. This one’s moving, tooThat happens with all creaturesafter you kill them I make so many videos and people are likeoh that fish was that fish you were filleting was it dead because they see it moving, but allcreatures moveAfter even after they’re dead, that’s kind of weird. Actually. I don’t I don’t knowAlright, I think our oil yeah. Our oil is hot enoughDrop some frog legs in there. OhGood I’m gonna drop all of them in nameThat’s kind of crazy they’re all like extending and stuffYou know, I’m actually gonna turn up the heatAnd I I don’t think I put enough oil in there this is the first time doing this so bear with meThere we go. I should be yeah anotherNo, all right now we’re gonna put the lid onLet those cook once these have done cooking. I’m gonna pull all the meat off and then Ibrought all this stuff for making fish sandwichesBut if you wanna make some frog leg sandwiches or a sandwich, I don’t have enough for multiple sandwichesespecially once these cooked downYeah, anyway, but I think I have enough for a fish sandwich or for a frog sandwich. So I don’t knowIs that a thing? Is that a thing the Frog sandwich?HmmBackflip Hawks, that was hot. Okay, you know what toysYou know, you put them a little bit more let me get a little bit darker thank you more minutes you’ll be here perfectHmm looks good to me remove the frog legsHmmThey’ve shrunk some and then while thoseAre cooling I’m gonna stick thisPart of the frog in there. This is the main like body and the front legsThere we goThen I’m gonna add to the frog legs somesalt anda little bit of thisCajun seasoning to him just just a ted-likeDustingSo I just season these but then I remembered I’m actually gonna pick all of the all the meat off of themFor the sammich. I got a try byThat’s really good thatIs really good. I’m seriousI’m not just saying that because I went through all the work. I highly recommend you guys try this. I mean, I know that doesn’tThat doesn’t look like it was worth it. ButIt was it was alright, let’s make our frog sandwich youI’m just gonna take it off like the thighsBasically and then I’ll just eat with my teeth. I’ll eat those partsLook at that and then I don’t want to mess upThat good frog flavorSo I’m just going to I’m not gonna put lettuce and tomato and pickles and all that stuff on itI’m just gonna put a light skiff of mayonnaise andThen just a little bit a little bit of lettuce it’s no tomato or pickle this timeTamp it downDo you pray over a meal like this say a little prayer andThen oh man now the other admit that doesn’t look appetizing I know it’s frog but that looks appetizingThat’s good, and that really is good, I’m not joking you got some try this yourselfIt’s super easy to catch frogs. Mmm, that is really goodManI’m not kidding. I am totally honest with my with my reviewsI don’t I don’t pretend like I like things and that you guys watch my videoWhere I tried the fish eyeball, like a lot of people were saying they just loved fish eyeballsI was on this ice. I spit that out. I couldn’t I don’t get that eating fish eyes, butThis really is goodGuys thank you so much for hanging out today. I hope you all enjoyed as much as I didYou gotta try this yourselves. You got to go out into a catch and cook and what I’ll do isI’ll put a list in the description of this video like a bullet list of all the things you guys need to pull off aSuccessful catch and cook look at that list take a screenshot of it then go to the storeYou know get the stuff the lemon butter salt pepper and and you’ll be set grab grab your friends go outI mean, it’s so much fun to do this and even people who aren’t that outdoorsyI’ve taken people out who you know, they’re kind of skepticalThey’re like, okay, we’ll catch something and you know cook it up and and you know an hour to itThey’re into it. They love it. We’ve even taken some people out there. Like I’ve been fishing in 20 years andYou know you you catch your own fishingYou just find a little spot along the shore you start cooking it up and they’re into it. They think it’s so coolIt’s so much fun to do is so much funSo anyway, I’ll put a list in the description of just so you can just look at that meat go to the store. Boomboom boom know that you have everythingAnd do it yourselves. So anyway, thank you guys for hanging out. Hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you in the next one

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