LURED – A NEW IGFA Length World Record Largemouth Bass

The Largemouth Bass is one of the most sought after species and pursued records in the world. On a trip to Lake Okeechobee, renowned lure designer Patrick Sebile, lands a new IGFA All-Tackle Length World Record Largemouth Bass on his Sebile Proppler Buzz. The IGFA created the All-Tackle Length category to help promote catch and release fishing. The bass was caught and released on the famed Lake Okeechobee on May 6, 2012, the fish was recently certified by the IGFA as a new All-Tackle Length World Record at 61cm.

Produced by Under the Bridge Productions LLC
Executive Producers Keith Alan & Jason Wald
Music Supervisor: Michelle Coutois

Artist: Avery Watts
Song: The Takeover (Instrumental)
Album: The Takeover (Voiceless)
Label: Pulse Records


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