Light Tackle Fishing w/ Fin-S-Shads. First 2016 Smallmouth Bass. Big Perch

Light Tackle fishing for Panfish on one of my favorite reservoirs in Massachusetts, I decided to hit the water after a long day of storming and raining when the weather cleared up before dark briefly for about an hour and was able to connect with some nice panfish as well as some nice smallmouth bass the first of the 2016 season.
Air Temp-50-60°f
Water Temp-48-52°f
Rod-5’6″ Berkley Cherrywood HD Ultralight Spinning Rod 1/32-1/8oz Cost $30
Reel-Quantum Optix 10 Spinning Reel Cost-$14.99
Line-5lb Power Pro Green Moss Power Pro Braid. Cost-$13
Leader-6lb Blue Label Seaguar Fluorocarbon

Lure-1/16oz jig head with 1.75 inch Bubble Gum Shad Fin-S-Shad
Camera: Head Mounted Camera GoPro Hero3+ Silver 1080p 60fps,

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