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Glenn: Hey, folks, Glenn May here at BassResource. com.
I’m here at the 2015 ICAST show with FLW reigningchamp, Anthony Gagliardi, who’s got a line
of rods made exclusively from Batson Enterpriseproducts. Anthony, you want to tell me a little
bit about this?Anthony: Well, yeah, absolutely. It’s been
in the works for quite a few months now. I’velearned a lot about the rod-building business,
I’ll tell you that. It’s been a lot of fun. I’ve learned a lot. And I feel like I’ve developed
a rod that meets what I feel a rod needs tohave. It’s durable. It’s a sensitive rod.
It’s a light rod, and it’s comfortable. AndI’m going to be able to offer it at a price
that a lot of people can afford. So basically,you’re going to be getting a full-custom rod.
Each one of these rods is hand built herein the United States of America, so you’re
able to get a full-custom rod at a reallyaffordable price. And pound for pound, this
rod is going to probably outperform anythingin its price category, so I’m really excited
to get it out there. Glenn: Well, tell me a little bit about this
spinning rod here that you have. I have thespinning rod. Tell me a little bit about this. Anthony: Yeah, absolutely. This is 7’0″, and
it’s a 7’0″ medium, a medium fast blank. Thisblank, this particular model would be what
I would throw a shaky head — any type ofshaky head — on. You could throw a weightless
soft plastic like a fluke or a Senko. Andas far as spinning rods go, this would be
an all-purpose type rod for me. Seven foot,like I said, and one of the first things that
you’ll see when you look at this rod is thenumber of guides. And the more guides you
can put on a rod, the better it’s going tofish. It really affects how a rod fishes.
So I run 12 guides, not including my tip top,and what that does is it keeps that line close
to the blank. When you’re loaded up on a fish,it keeps that line very close to the true
arc of the blank. It allows the rod to realizethe true power of that blank. So you can fish
a lesser power blank and it’ll actually feelstronger than a rod that has fewer guides.
And it lets the line skip between the guides. It fishes a lot better. That’s one of the
first things that you’ll notice. And the reel seat, obviously, you can see
it’s a very clean and crisp reel seat. It’sreally comfortable on your hand. It has a
soft touch grip. A lot of times you’re fishingfor eight hours in a day with a rod like this,
it’s just going to wear on you. You’re goingto get a little pressure points on your hand.
But now I made sure when I did these rodsthat everything was comfortable, and the reel
seats were chopped so that you don’t feelany threads. And once you put a reel on here
that you have a nice winding checks. You havea good transition from your reel seat down
to the blank, because a lot of people aregoing to put their fingers, like I do, up
and front of the reel seat where they’re actuallycontacting the blank. So you have a good transition
area there. It’s just a super lightweightrod. It’s very balanced, I could say. We got
12 guides. It fishes really good. I’m excitedfor people to have them. . . Glenn: It sounds like you actually had a lot
of input in this rod. You’re not just stickingyour name on it. You designed this for how
you like to fish. Anthony: Right, absolutely. There’s a few
guys out there that maybe you hear are doingsomething like this, but there’s not a lot
of pros that are actually having this muchcontrol over what they’re putting out. There’s
not a lot of pros that actually own theirown rod company like I do with Level Rods.
They may endorse a certain product and theymay have some say-so as far as how they want
a certain thing built. But from top to bottom,from concept to the design of how I want the
blank to flex, the reel seats, the grips,I have my hands in all of that for each and
every single model. And I think that’s reallycool. I think that’s unique for the rod business. So that’s one of the things that I think sets
Level Rods apart is that I have 16 years ofprofessional experience. And I’ve fished with
a lot of rods over those years, and thereare certain characteristics of rods that I
liked and some that I didn’t. And I’ve beenable to pull from that experience and blend
all the things that I like about a rod andget one like this that I truly feel has everything
the way I want it. And that’s where I am rightnow. I feel like I have accomplished that. Glenn: So how many different rods do you have
in your line-up right now?Anthony: I have seven rods available right
now. I have five casting models and two spinningrods. And within probably the next month or
so, middle to late August, I’ll add threemore. I’m going to add three more casting
versions. That’s another thing is as muchas I fish, techniques are going to change.
We’re going to have new techniques, new presentations. And with me being basically on the front lines
of bass fishing, I’m going to be one of thefirst guys to see these things as they come
in. And as technology changes, I’m going tosee that, and so I’ll be able to incorporate
that into my rods seeing those. So as timeschange and as technology change, Level Rods
will be able to change with that, and we shouldbe at the forefront of those changes. Glenn: Now, these sound like they’re really
expensive. What’s the price range we’re talkingabout here?Anthony: Most of my casting rods are going
to retail at $179. I wanted to keep it under$200. And I feel that that’s a really good
rod. That’s a really good value at $179. Thespinning rods are $189, and my flipping stick
will retail at $199. So I was able to keepthe whole line-up under $200, which I think,
like I said, is impressive value. Glenn: Wow, keeping it down underneath $200.
Guys, if you’re looking for a new rod, thisis definitely within your budget. Go check
them out, LevelFishingRods. com

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