Late Fall Big Bass Fishing Montage

Fall bass fishing can be one of the best times to catch BIG bass. Although the bass generally move shallow this time of year, my buddy Ben and I were able to find a few good bass on deeper rock and brush piles. If you enjoyed this video and want to see more make sure to give it a LIKE, leave a COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!!! Thanks for watching!!!

*Equipment Used:
Rod: 7 2′ Medium Heavy Worm and Jig Castaway Skeleton V2 Series
Reel: Lews Tournament MB 8.3:1 gear ratio
Line: 30lb Braid
Weight: 3/4oz Tungsten
Hook: 4/0 EWG
Bait: Missile Baits D-Stroyer
Color: Super Bug

*Technique Used:
We casted the lure as far as we could past the rock or brush pile. We slowly dragged, stroked, or hopped the bait through the structure, sometimes just quivering the bait. We made at least 5 casts to each pile before moving on the to the next. We also came back to the same pile multiple times, bringing our bait across from all directions. The bass were sometimes hesitant to take the bait and often spit it out before we could set the hook. Patients was key to catching these fish. Next time you go fishing, don’t be afraid to try fishing deep for bigger fish!

*Camera Equipment Used:
Chest Camera- GoPro HERO 3+ Silver
Back Camera- GoPro HERO 3+ Black
-Both 720p @ 60fps with WIDE angle view
Tripod Camera- Sony A5100

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