Largemouth Bass Fishing


Largemouth Bass fishing is a great way to spend a day. When was the last time you went fishing with your son, daughter or grandchild, I live in the northeast where the summers are short but the fishing is not.

Bass in general are lazy fish that love structure. When looking for a place to fish look for tree stumps or fallen trees into your pond, large rocks or piles of rocks. The bass will hide amongst these areas and strike at the bait fish as it swims by. Shiners work very well in these situations. I will float the shiner on a cork or a bobber so I can regulate how deep the shiner goes. This also helps me to keep an eye on the proximity of my bait.

The banjo minnow is a lure that I had to test for largemouth bass fishing. It is the only as seen on TV lure that does exactly as it says. Catch Fish!! Working the minnow around the rocks and through the lily pads produces results. As it says in the commercial “catch more fish than you ever dreamed”.

The best way to catch fish is to go out and do it. We all watch the guys on TV make it look so easy. Sometimes it is very easy, other times I fish all day and catch nothing. Look around at the bait, try and mimic the bait. Pay attention to wind direction. Is it overcast or sunny? Whatever the conditions we can always find a way to catch our fish.

Take you children and grandchildren largemouth bass fishing at your local hotspot, you will not regret it.

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