Largemouth Bass Fishing Techniques – Early Spring Bass Fishing!


Spring is just around the corner.  If you are like me you are anxious to get out and go bass fishing.  This largemouth bass fishing techniques article will point out some tips and strategies for early spring bass fishing.  

As warmer, spring weather approaches and the water temperature in your favorite fishing spot starts to rise there are or will be a lot of changes going on in the environment that bass live in.  Algae will begin to bloom and weeds will start to grow again.  As this change starts to take place bait fish, crayfish, aquatic insects, frogs, and all the critters that bass like to eat will move from their winter refuges to shallow water and come to life.  When this happens the bass will follow and start cruising the shallow flats, bays, coves, and channels looking for food and spawning grounds.

Early spring is a great time to intercept these cruising bass in shallow water.  Look for dark bottom flats, bays, coves, and channels on the north side of the lake or reservoir you are fishing on.  The water usually warms up faster on the north side of the lake since it is exposed to more sun during this time of the year.  Most of the bass in the lake will be looking for the warmest water available in early spring.  Look for areas on shallow flats, bays, coves, or channels that have nice, green and growing weeds.  Cast your lures along the insides of these weedlines or weed clumps.  Target areas 0 to 6 feet deep.  

Minnow or crayfish immitating jigs along with jerk baits or lipless crankbaits work well this time of year.  Use smaller lures in early spring and try to “match the hatch.”  The bait fish and crayfish have not reached their full size yet so try downsizing your lures to give the bass a more natural presentation.   This will also require you to downsize your line a size or two to give your lure the best action possible.  Don’t be afraid to let your lure go down into or graze the tops of the weeds.  Try casting a jig or lipless crankbait out, let it sink to the bottom, and then pull it through or rip it out of the weeds, then let it sink to the bottom again, and repeat.  This technique can provoke some pretty aggressive strikes during early spring.  

Find the warmest water available, find some growing weeds in shallow water, downsize your lures and you will have found some valuable largemouth bass fishing techniques for catching early spring bass.



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